Love Horoscopes Are Luckiest In Love For 3 Zodiac Signs, During The Leo Moon

Positivity takes us all the way there.

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Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love for three zodiac signs on July 18, during the Moon in Leo. We're only a few days away from Leo season, and as we approach, we get to see the Moon in Leo for a day or two, which is basically like preparation for the big event to come. Leo is a very positive zodiac sign; while we tend to think of Leo as lazy or egotistical, we have to keep in mind that Leo is very much the sign of big love and open-hearted affection. 


When Leo is in town, whether it's transiting with the Sun or the Moon, we all stand the chance of improving our lives. And if love is the focus, we can do no wrong. If we are open to the vibrations of the universe, we may find that we are quite lucky when it comes to love, affection, union and connection. This is how the Moon in Leo helps our love lives.

Now, while we all have a chance to feel the love on this day, July 18, 2023, only three zodiac signs will really grasp the significance of this mighty transit, Moon in Leo. This is the day we get the nerve to do big things like...propose marriage, or tell someone that we are madly in love with them. If it's big, then Moon in Leo can handle it, or rather, Moon in Leo shows us that WE can handle it. No love is too small during this time. We are unafraid; we set our minds on the best and we expect nothing less. Victory is ours — in love, at least.


A strange thing also happens during this time: the 'air' feels good. It's as if we, as creatures of nature, fall into our place. We feel confident because we feel like we belong here, as if the world itself is our own, and because of transits like Moon in Leo, we literally feel like royalty here. Today is a wonderful and blissful day for those of us who take the chance and let our love be known. We are gregarious and bold during Moon in Leo, on July 18, 2023. These are the three zodiac signs that do the best today.

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Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on July 18:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

July 18, 2023 gives you just what you need in terms of confidence and nerve. While nerve is never really something you lack, tact and style are something that you could definitely use a few pointers on, and during Moon in Leo, you'll find that your words flow very smoothly.


So, if you have something on your mind and you'd like to tell the person you love what's going on, then this would be a great day to let it all out, Aries. While you are generally a very charming person, there's something about the Moon in Leo that really adds oomph to your presentation, and if you are presenting love, then consider it a rousing success. Today gives you that added power to create loving situations that last. You are both impressive and charismatic on this day, July 18.

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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

While today feels promising, the entire cusp of Cancer to Leo feels good to you, and during the Moon in Leo, you'll feel as though you have much to look forward to. What today brings you is a vision of 'all good things.' Even though that sounds a little broad and pollyanna-ish, the idea of feeling positive about 'everything' really hits the spot for you, Leo. You are the kind of person who needs to know things are going to work out, even if you believe they're not going to.


You are a creature of intuition and optimism, and on July 18, 2023, you are very easily able to brush aside anything that even slightly resembles negativity. Once you get on a roll like this, you are unstoppable, and you'll notice that your good mood seems to affect everyone around you, putting them into great moods as well.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

What will be very noticeable for you today, Aquarius, is that you finally feel as though you're on the 'other side' of something that has kept you down for way too long. Whether it's health related or has something to do with moving and location, you're going to feel freer and more confident than usual. This attitude will translate into charisma and if you happen to be interested in someone, as in a love interest, then today, July 18, 2023, would be a good day for you to reach out to that person.


During the Moon in Leo, you'll notice that things don't bother you anymore, or rather, that the things that have been dragging on you are no longer important. It's as if Moon in Leo marks the end of a troubled period in your life, and now you are much more able to let love in. Good for you!

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