3 Zodiac Signs May Have The Luckiest Love Horoscopes On July 16, 2023

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Now and then, Saturn tosses us a bone. Where we're usually frustrated and annoyed by Saturn's strict presence in our lives, today, July 16, 2023, lets us see a different angle of the planet that loves to stop us dead in our tracks. Today, we may see Saturn's sweet side in the transit called Moon trine Saturn. While it will still come with some of that good ol' reliable Saturnian frustration, it will help us and our love lives in ways we might not have seen as possible. What Moon trine Saturn brings us today is willingness. Willingness to try, to make something out of what we've got, and willingness to stick with it.




Three zodiac signs will be completely on board with this idea as we who have wanted a solid foundation in our lives will warm to the idea of structure and growth potential. This is the day we sort it all out with our romantic partners, which means we have to be fully into it, or else it's a no-go. Moon trine Saturn is not for lightweight, casual romantics. Today's exclusive purpose is to bring out the organization in a relationship, and while that might mean that spontaneity goes out the window, it's OK; we're not interested in spontaneity today. We want a plan, and we want it now.


So, what we can look forward to on this day, July 16, 2023, is not only 'getting along with our mates' but making things happen today. We are moving and shaking, and we have a purpose. There's a method to our madness, and the entire point is to know that our love will grow, continue and continue. This transit is for those of us who are serious about the relationship we have found ourselves in. We take it seriously, and we honor it well. Which zodiac signs are on board with Moon trine Saturn?

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Three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on July 16:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

Good news, Aries. It's all going to work out. That means that all of your good faith and belief in the person you are with will become very worth your while on July 16, 2023. Why? Because you're going to see, and perhaps for the first time, just how dedicated this person is to you. We go through relationships just assuming that we're on the same page as our partners, but people like you need confirmation and that's where Moon trine Saturn comes into play.


Today will show you an example of how not only is the person you are with the RIGHT one for you but of how they wish to try just as hard as you do to get it all right. You can completely trust this person, which will be a relief. It's not that you didn't trust them, but whatever they come up with today will set them in a new class. This is what it feels like to 'get along with your mate.' And it's a good feeling, for sure.

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2. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

You feel as though you've had enough experience in the relationship department to know when a thing is good or bad, and whatever is going down today will have you smiling from ear to ear because, during Moon trine Saturn on July 16, a 'good' thing is taking place. You and your romantic partner are on the verge of something new, and while it's exciting, it's also a bit nerve-wracking ... but it's the good kind of nervous, the kind that makes you move, makes you DO things.


It seems that you are both finally 'over' whatever it was that kept you from really getting to know each other fully, and with that gone, it's all sunshine and roses from here on in. Well, maybe not that romantic, but what happens during Moon trine Saturn will be enough to convince you that you have something both special and lasting.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)


Today may bring back memories as something is going on between you and your romantic partner that feels like it's completing itself. How this relates to your past is in so much as, when you first met, you thought this might be the 'right' person for you. You even made a few jokes about it but never really thought much of it afterward.

And then, today happens. Today, July 16, 2023, brings you an interesting astrological transit: Moon trine Saturn, and what this transit does for your relationship is that it makes you both see it very clearly. The conclusion is: "Why are we wasting time pretending? This is great; let's act on it!" You don't need to waste any more time pretending this is casual; it's not. This is your love, your partner and it's time to start acting like you both mean something to each other. Done!

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