3 Zodiac Signs Who May Experience A 'Fairly Tough Day' On July 1

Wait, did I leave the stove on? Let's turn around.

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Three zodiac signs will have a tough day on July 1. False starts and ridiculous mistakes add to the idea that July 1, 2023, will make life rougher than we wanted for three zodiac signs on this day. We are looking at a relatively 'kind' transit and how it takes three zodiac signs down when it goes wrong. This transit is Mercury sextile Jupiter, and while it can do much good, it's the kind of influence that can go wrong very easily. Today is the day we forget our car keys at the restaurant.


Today is the day when we drive off with a cup of coffee balancing on the roof of our car, and while all that sounds kind of 'meek,' it's the little things that can put a person off, and today, three zodiac signs will get to feel a little 'off.'



Because it's the first day of July, we can't help but want this day to go well. It's almost like a superstitious thing. if day one goes well, then 'it's a sign!' We want that sign, and we are looking for it, too. And, as it goes with 'zodiac sign,' we also interpret the not-so-nice events as part of the package. During a transit like Mercury sextile Jupiter, we could easily take that sign to mean that the rest of the month is bound for dreadfulness.


Yes, it looks pretty polarizing, but that's the kind of species we are. We find the polar opposite of joy and hone in on it as if it will grant us some kind of revelation. The only revelation we're going to get today is the one that tells us to shut up, back down and give it a rest.

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Mercury sextile Jupiter is about communication, but it's also about discretion. If we blab too much, someone out there will tell us to sit down and get out of the way. Depending on who we are, we might take that advice with a grain of salt or let it fully ruin our day. We wish you well for the zodiac signs open for the full degradation experience. As for you others, carry on, carry on.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on July 1:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


Today will have you starting and stopping to the point where you start to believe that someone's playing a joke on you. It's all harmless, but you know it, and it's starting to bug you. You will leave your keys and walk out the door, or wait for someone to show up for a lunch date and then suddenly realize it's the wrong day.

July 1, is not a terrible day for you, Taurus. Still, it's the kind of day that brings goofy inconveniences your way, and that is because Mercury sextile Jupiter is the kind of transit that could easily shift a person's perspective. So, what starts as a fairly hopeful day might easily become one of those days where you cannot get anything right. It's OK. You won't be destroying your life in just a few hours. Nothing you can't snap out of, and you will, so hang tight ... just a few more hours to go.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)


What may come up for you today, Cancer, is the sense that you can't do anything right, which is, of course, so off base that it's laughable. You are capable, but on July 1, Mercury sextile Jupiter will put it into your mind that ... maybe you're not as much of a competitor as you thought. Balderdash!

Still, you can't see past your own tiny mistakes today, and if you do something that fails (in a tiny way), you will use that Jupiter energy to make a much bigger deal of it than it ever needs to be. You might even stoke the interest of someone else who will look at you as if you are way too stressed to deal with. This person will do an about-face when they pick up on your vibe, no matter who they are. You stress others out today. That's how Mercury sextile Jupiter works on you, Cancer.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


There may be a point where you simply give up today, as you can't exit and re-enter your house YET again, implying that you forget something every time you try to leave. You are starting to feel giddy over it all, as if this is some kind of cosmic joke, and you do not love your part in it.

You feel foolish today, and with Mercury sextile Jupiter prompting you into feeling capable when you can't accomplish much of anything, you'll slink into that Libra place where you don't want to talk about it. You may hole yourself up today simply because you know you're not at your best game. You feel like you don't want to be looked at today, which is very different from how you usually feel. Mercury sextile Jupiter allows you to speak well but act foolishly. Interesting.

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