Why July 2023 Will Likely Be A Challenging Month For 3 Specific Zodiac Signs

It looks like July of 2023 is going to try our patience, and there's harsh news for Gemini, Leo and Virgo.

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July of 2023 comes in like a crab and goes out like a roaring lion for three zodiac signs with rough monthly horoscopes. We're looking at how Cancer season morphs into the Sun season of Leo. This means that what starts soft and tentative may create a situation for three specific zodiac signs that will end up feeling … ferocious. This isn't the easiest of months, though there is a promise of reprieve by month's end. The 'getting there' will put us through our paces, and by the look of the transit lineup of July, only the strong will survive this one. Rough times start on day one, and as they say, 'The harder they come, the harder they fall, one and all.'


The Full Moon enters Capricorn on July 3, just in time to rev up family members and pit them against one another, making the July 4 holiday all the more tense and uncomfortable. This will only be the beginning for certain zodiac signs, as 'family strife' seems to play a large role in this month's drama.

We move very fast into Mars in Virgo, Mars trine Node and Mercury opposite Pluto, which should have us acting on our instincts and saying some very mean things to the people we should love and respect. An underlying frustration follows three zodiac signs throughout this month, and let's just put it this way: words will be said.




We may not be used to 'Node' energy. Still, we've got so much Node energy happening in July '23 that the changes we'll experience might be much harsher than we could ever anticipate. With the North Node in Aries hitting us mid-month, we might need to 'just walk away' from family members. There's a vibe of rebellion and change going on during this time, and these three astrology zodiac signs will come to know what's going on up close and personal.

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Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes during the month of July 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)


One of the reasons that summertime tends to get you down is because of your childhood memories. This is supposed to be the best time of the year, and you have always felt as though July is the month that brings you the greatest joy. Unfortunately, expectations tend to leave you cold during this time, and you'll spend much of July '23 feeling rather lonely.

You have always known how to take care of yourself, however, and with the revel force of transits like Mercury sextile Uranus and Mercury square Node in your corner, you'll find ways to rise above that which brings you down. Love is not a promise during this month, Gemini, but in a way, the lack of it might get you some worthwhile 'downtime.' You will crave relaxation, and your tendency to stay away from family will be high.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)


As your birthday season approaches, you may find that strength is not your only feeling. Frustration over the reaction of family members seems to weigh heavily on your mind during July 2023. You feel disappointed in one person in particular, and because you are a Leo, you aren't someone who can just 'let it go.' While the first two weeks of July will run relatively smoothly, those last two weeks of the month will have you feeling hostile, if anything.

Friends and loved ones have told you that it's better to let bygones be bygones, but you can't sit still with the information that you now have, and during Mars opposite Saturn, Sun opposite Pluto, the entrance into your Sun season will mark a new side to you: the angry side. You resent someone in your family, believing they somehow 'owe' you something. At the end of the month, Uranus square Lilith may have you saying something irrevocably nasty to them.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


While you like the idea of 'healing' thanks to the many healing Node transits during July 2023, you aren't that keen on the idea that YOU need to heal. July '23 brings you more than you can handle, so much of that because you don't make time for yourself. Because you forget that you need to rest sometimes, you overdo it and once you start getting into that, you get snappy and irritable. Now, it would be harsh to say that your entire month will be spent being snappy.

It wouldn't be that far off base, either, Virgo. A few Lilith transits will inspire you to do your dirtiest during this time, and because of certain family issues that will arise this month, your patience will be at an all-time low. By the time Mercury enters Virgo at the end of the month, you will be the last person that anyone in your life wants to hang out with.

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