Horoscopes On June 23 May Bring Very Good News To 3 Specific Zodiac Signs

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best horoscopes for three zodiac signs on june 23

On June 23, three zodiac signs have the best horoscopes, but there's also something in store for all zodiac signs this Friday thanks to the Moon quincunx Pluto transit. The difference between good fortune and bad fortune is perception. This doesn't mean bad things don't or won't ever happen.

Too many people reject their blessings because it's "not good enough." Others think they won the greatest victory of their life ... only to realize it was a deal with the devil. Sun quincunx Pluto asks us not to ignore the undercurrents and fine print attached to all interactions today.

Moon in Virgo makes the day great for reviewing what you did in the past and planning for the future. The positive connection with North Node in Taurus is perfect for reviewing your finances and implementing new strategies — this includes investment plans if you have any.

Just be careful of the Moon quincunx Pluto energy today. Some of you, especially the earth and water signs, are prone to getting scammed today by people who pose as agents or experts. They will spin a fantasy that pushes all your important buttons. In your hurry, you won't realize they are not as credible as they seem. Let's focus on the three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on June 23.

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Three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on June 23, 2023:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Lots of surprises are in store for you today, Cancer. Some of you will be presented with an opportunity that you will initially be very suspicious of. It can even be in love where someone seems too good to be true. You won't be sure whether to go for them or not. Or whether to take the opportunity. It can even be an invitation to an intriguing party or event. Moon in Virgo quincunx Pluto is an interesting energy, especially since it has some positive connections with the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Taurus.

You may not realize this, but you have the winning hand now, whatever that might be. Stay clear-headed while making this decision, and you won't get swayed by manipulative whispers that want to tip the hand in their favor. This is especially true if a contract details what each party will do and receive. Just be careful of pride. Mars in Leo can sometimes trigger you whether you like it, especially since it's in your zodiac blind spot. As long as you remember not to be petty, you will know exactly what to do to win.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Defying the powers is the main theme of today for you, Scorpio. This is directly related to a religious authority figure for some of you. Maybe you don't agree with something they have been telling you. Your family or friends are trying to convince you just to close your eyes and go along with what's being said. With Saturn in Pisces, you won't agree to that. Your inner authority knows the red flags.

Just be careful of the Sun conjunct Juno quincunx Pluto energy today. You may interact with a friend or significant other who is not as devoted to your relationship as they appear. They don't want to rock the boat. If they can leave your boat and move onto a better yacht or even a ship, they will make that jump without a second thought.

If you feel called, do a simple sugar and salt ritual today to cleanse your energetic space. For this, you'll need a few clear quartz points and pure sugar and salt. Create four quadrants with the quartz crystals on a table and then assign the diagonal quadrants as either "good" or "bad."

In the "bad" quadrants, add pinches of salt as you say things you don't want in your life out loud. Repeat the process for the "good" quadrants, but with sugar, and say only what you want in your life. Don't let the sugar and salt mix!

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3. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, today will be a laid-back day for you. Many of you will read books you want to catch up on or even pick up a new one! Others of you will be in the mood to just relax and do whatever comes to your mind now — no plans attached. Just be careful of allowing exes back into your life.

Mercury's relationship with Chiron, Venus and Mars will make the whole experience off-putting for you. You won't realize it at first. This includes friends you have broken off ties with. Let sleeping dogs lie. Because the day is so laid back, you may randomly call someone and chat with them for a few hours. Try to curb that urge. There's a good chance it will ruin your day.

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