3 Zodiac Signs Will Likely Have Rough Horoscopes On June 24

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rough horoscopes on june 24 2023

Three zodiac signs will have a rough day on June 24. What might make this day a rough one is that, for three zodiac signs, we will strive so hard for perfection that when we fall short of it, we will feel the burn. It's a good thing to try and go for the top, and it's an even greater feeling when we shoot for the stars and end up getting one, however, today's transit holds those standards up a little too high for us to reach, and during the horoscopes of June 24, 2023, we will get to see the dashing of our dreams.

This happens only because we are too extreme in our desires, and during the Virgo Moon of June, 2023, we will come to know how there is a cap here; we have to keep thing within the realm of reality if we are ever to succeed. While it's cute to 'dream big,' the Moon in Virgo will show us, without hesitation, that we have to reel in it...and that's depressing.



Another thing that may bug us on this day is that we really do believe in ourselves and our abilities, but we might not be able to gauge exactly what we are capable of. This creates the atmosphere of self doubt, when there was none before. We don't want to entertain the idea that we 'can't' accomplish something because the Moon in Virgo also makes us feel as though we need to, desperately. 

So, for these three signs, the day is going to be filled with pressure, the kind we put on ourselves. When we don't succeed, we will come down hard on ourselves and for what? For no reason other than we strive for the highest and therefore let ourselves down if so much as fall from the intended target. We are basically rough on ourselves today, and that is why this day feel so disheartening.

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Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on June 24:

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

This might be the kind of day for you, Virgo, that was set aside to reach some new kind of goal; you have been planning on starting something completely different in your life, and because your enthusiasm is so high and so positive, you can't imagine not getting what you want, or worse, not even starting.

What's holding you back today are obstacles that are beyond your control, and during the Moon in Virgo, you will feel more frustrated by this than you should. You had your heart set on something and it's apparently not meant to be, which should be fine, but on June 24, you won't be able to find the 'fine' part anywhere. While you easily attempt this tomorrow, you will feel so thwarted that you might lose your enthusiasm, and when you do this, you could end up giving up on all of it.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Today gives you the oddly polarized feeling of wanting to do something great while knowing that everything is standing in your way. The obstacles are temporary but they throw you off, as you had planned on achieving great things on this day, June 24. You don't like when there's a change of plans, and you don't forgive the universe when it messes you like this, as if it's personal.

During the Moon in Virgo, you believe it is personal and you will start feeling very angry. Your anger replaces your feeling of wanting to do good, and that's pretty twisted. Just seeing yourself go from great intentions to sulky sore loser makes you even angrier — at yourself. Today makes you feel as though you should have just stayed in bed, but Libra, there's always tomorrow and things aren't necessarily going to stand in your way.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Today was a day when you had big plans, and while there's no guarantee that your plans WON'T go through, you can't help but overthink things into a state where all you can see if how everything is about to fall apart.

It's as if your perfectionist side can't just let things be; you have to anticipate all possible scenarios and during the Moon in Virgo, you'll find that half way through the day all you're doing is anticipating the bad stuff to show up and ruin what good you've done.

This is like a sickness; you can't stop thinking that it's all going downhill, and on June 24, you will find that you are directing downhill simply because you can't stop yourself. You are in a state of total self-doubt and it's all because the Moon in Virgo has got you thinking that you're supposed to be doing better than this. It's all in your mind; stop beating yourself up!

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