3 Zodiac Signs Want Love That's Uncomplicated On June 20, During The Leo Moon

We want it simple, and we want it loving. Easy peasy.

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By the time we know ourselves well enough to know how we want our lives to go, we might be able to consider ourselves very experienced in life and love. Getting to the point where we want it simply says a lot about who we are, especially because love and things like 'falling in love' can be such theatrical events.

Experience, however, tells us that high desire brings about dramatic results. There is usually an absurd amount of pain where there is drama, as in heartache, jealousy, suspicion, doubt ... the work. What's interesting about today, June 20, is that we have the helpful transit of the Leo Moon, which will let us know that our desire for a simple, well-balanced, uncomplicated love is just what we need. That's the stuff that will do us good.




For three zodiac signs, the feeling of wanting to keep it light is practically all-pervasive during the Leo Moon, but the great part is that it's easy enough to create. If we present ourselves as amicable and generous in spirit, we will only attract the same kind of people. If we are already in relationships, we will notice that our partners respond very well to our need for simplicity during the Leo Moon. When we simplify our lives, we set an example for how to keep the peace in the future. Today is when we set the standards. We know what we want, and it's very easy to have: kindness.


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Having an uncomplicated life doesn't mean 'boring' by any means. It suggests that the three zodiac signs that really and truly want this wish to de-clutter their emotional state and get on with living. Life is more satisfying when we have someone to enjoy it with, but only if people understand how to uphold the peaceful feeling that can bring about bliss. These three zodiac signs will know this feeling today during the Leo Moon.

Three zodiac signs that want uncomplicated love on June 20:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

This transit lights up your day and possibly your life, Aries. You love the Leo Moon because it brings clarity in you that you just adore when something like this happens. When you see clearly, you want more and more of the same, and transparency means simplicity. Today is a perfect day for reaching out to the person you are romantically involved with so that you can enjoy what's best about your relationship. If you've discovered a deep friendship with this person, revel in it, as friends like this are hard to find.


If the person in your life shows up 'as is' without an agenda, cherish what they bring, as this kind of simplicity will last. Dramatic partners have no place in your life anymore, and while you may have had your share in the past, you have grown so much emotionally that you'd rather just enjoy the peace of being with them as they are.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Today, June 20, 2023, allows you to relax your stronghold on your relationship so that you can simply kick back and enjoy that lack of drama. During the Leo Moon, you'll feel strong and positive, but your desire to control or shape may have to take a backseat because you'll notice how 'nice' things are when you just let them run their course. Who knew things could be so easy, so delightful?


Yet, here we are, and the Leo Moon supplies you with enough 'security' power so you don't have to force anything into place. Your romantic partner is still the coolest person you know, and on this day, you'll see that you didn't make them that way. You just let them be, and what do you know? They're fabulous on their own. Now, you can appreciate it. The lack of complication makes you feel alive and secure.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

You'll take a chance today, and it will be a game changer for you: you will place your trust in your partner, and they will show you what living the 'easy' life is all about. You have matched yourself with someone who is not as wild as you are, and that's OK because you need the balance. While they are still unique and up for fun, this person isn't into unnecessary game playing, and during the Leo Moon, you'll see that this is quite a nice path to walk. 


The realization will hit you that you don't need all the bells and whistles that come with dramatic love affairs. All you really want is an uncomplicated love affair, and the person you are with is straightforward in their approach to loving you. To love you is all they ask for, and on June 20, that sounds like the best thing you've ever heard.

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