3 Impatient Zodiac Signs Fall Out Of Love Easily On June 16, As The Moon Conjuncts Mercury

Can we speed this up, please?

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Today, June 16, brings about such cataclysmic change in our love lives because, during today's transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, we want things fast, fast, fast. This transit is all about speed, and when we apply it to things like love and relationship, we are talking about expectation and disappointment.

When something doesn't happen, and we've been waiting for it to happen, we do not wait during Moon conjunct Mercury; we act. On this day, we work fast. It's easy to fall out of love for these three zodiac signs because they have no patience.




We're looking at a day that affects Taurus, Gemini and Scorpio that want instant gratification and have very little tolerance for 'the big picture.' June 16 brings us a set of circumstances that allows us insight. That insight will show us that we are no longer in love with the person right in front of us and are also intolerant of their flaws. We see flaws all during this time because Moon conjunct Mercury makes us feel we need to scour for details. In other words, we're looking for excuses to get out of this love affair, and by hook or crook, we'll find them.


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This transit also inspires independence of mind, which adds to the idea that we don't want the opinion of the person we are with romantically. By the time we're at this point, we know this love affair is on the way out. With the kick in the pants that come with Moon conjunct Mercury, three zodiac signs will surely be packing their bags by the end of the day because, without the love, this thing is over. Buh-bye. See you later. Which three zodiac signs will call it quits on love today?

Three zodiac signs fall out of love easily on June 16:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

You may find yourself venting much frustration to your friends today, as they act as the shoulder you can cry on while you go insane over your romantic partner and their inability to get it together. You'll realize that on June 16, you may be at your wit's end. The transit of Moon conjunct Mercury is pushing you to your limit, and you are uncomfortable with how this relationship turns out.


The real issue here is that you feel like you are falling out of love with this person, and the fact that they are so slow, tedious, and lazy really pushes you over the edge. The transit of Moon conjunct Mercury allows you to see that you cannot move at this snail's pace, and that's a lot coming from a Taurus of all people. You need a faster pace, and your present partner seems to be living their life at the speed of war molasses.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

While you really and truly adore the idea of spontaneity, you aren't sure you want to live your entire life just 'jumping into things' as they come. You need some sort of plan, and what's gone on in your romantic relationship is that everything seems to rely on your partner's mood. If they are in the mood, then you do things. If they aren't, then you stay at home.


This is getting on your nerves more than you can say, and during the transit of Moon conjunct Mercury, you'll want to give them an ultimatum: make up your mind now, or we're finished. On June 16, you'll come to terms with your real feelings for this person and notice that you don't really love them anymore. Maybe you lost interest because they couldn't keep up, or maybe you've just outgrown them as you feel they are a person who cannot grow, and you need that growth potential in your life.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Today you may be anxious as Moon-conjunct Mercury propels you into a tailspin of unwanted emotions that revolve around the idea that you might have made a mistake with the person you are now in a relationship with. This transit, which falls on June 16 is the kind that makes you want fast answers and instant solutions, especially if you're feeling anxious.


You don't know for sure, but it feels as though you might have fallen out of love with this person, and the main reason why is that they don't seem to be able to keep up with you. You are a speed demon for work, getting results, health, romance ... you want it all, and you want it now, and you are the personality type that can keep this pace going. On the other hand, your partner is not so much, and this could be a big day for you, as you understand that this love affair may be ... kaput.

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