3 Zodiac Signs Avoid Being A Fool For Love On June 13, During The Moon In Aquarius

Hooboy, we sure could use a day like this one.

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Three zodiac signs avoid becoming a fool for love on June 13, 2023. You have to give it up for the Taurus Moon of June because, on the 13th, we're going to feel the full weight of it, and it's going to feel like mental strength and massive self-confidence.

Luckily, for three zodiac signs, the power that comes along with the Taurus Moon will be in hyperdrive. Nothing gets over on us today: we don't have to worry. We are clearheaded and sturdy.


Whatever comes our way will roll off our resilient backs. We are strong-willed and clever. We get the joke; if it isn't funny, we don't laugh. We are true to ourselves on June 13, 2023. if the joke is on anyone, it's on the other person.

Love has had fun with us, and in the long run, we concluded that that's the way it goes: all is fair in love and war. So be it. During the Taurus Moon, we are one with the idea of fair game, but that doesn't mean our defenses are down ... they're not.



We may not be standing at attention waiting for the next love strike, but we're certainly stoic enough to avoid being made into love's next fool of the day. Not us. Not any of us, as this transit extends itself to all zodiac signs. It's simply that three zodiac signs will take the Taurus Moon to heart and act on it today.


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We won't get fooled again. It's that simple. That's not to say we're some kind of risen master or untouchable genius that cannot be tracked. What we are becoming is smart. Today brings out the integrity in our choice, the right move at the right time, and the ability to know when something is not to be taken seriously. We won't get fooled by love on this day, and these three zodiac signs will test throughout the day.

Three zodiac signs avoid being a fool for love on June 13:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Fooled? You? Ha, that's not happening, and that is for sure. Today is June 13, and you, Aries, are propped up by the knowledge of a lifetime, and it's all hitting you during the Taurus Moon. What this means is that on this day, you'll feel as though every single life lesson is now available to you to use at your disposal.


You may be in the position of dating someone, and while all that is fun and new, you're still aware of the possibility that because you don't know this person inside and out yet, they could turn on you or play a trick on you that makes your head spin.

That won't be happening, and while you are also conscious of not being too doubtful about new people, you aren't naive in any way at all. There's nothing this new person can do to you that will fool you, even if they are coming from a good place. You are ever-wary, which works well for you during the Taurus Moon.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)


The Taurus Moon establishes in you a sense of self-confidence. You don't feel threatened by people today. You could bypass many problems simply by relying upon your sense of smarts. In love, you can laugh and have a good time. However, you are always looking for bad behavior; you feel you can smell it a mile away.

You will never again put yourself in the position of being someone else's fool because experience has you examining your life for this kind of treatment in the past. During the Taurus Moon, you discover there is no reason to accept behavior that doesn't suit you and that if someone in your life says they love you, they must abide by your rules ... or walk. Today instills in you the knowledge that nobody is getting over on you ... ever.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


You've been fooled repeatedly by love, and every single time, you swear off the stuff as if love is this concoction that is so delicious and deadly that it would be ridiculous to stick around for more. Then, finally, it hits you, and you feel as strong as you'd like to be. Love is great, and you want it in your life, but when the transit of the Taurus Moon kicks in on June 13, you'll recognize a major change in yourself; this is real.

You aren't going to get fooled by love again. You know what to do to keep yourself sane and protected and what you fell for in the past. Reconciling your behavior works during the Taurus Moon, and the more you realize as the day goes on, the better off you'll be — brilliant wins for you, Libra. Enjoy the success of it.

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