3 Zodiac Signs Are 'A Little Too Hard On Themselves' On June 12

For those with an unusual sense of unbridled enthusiasm and energy, this day, June 12, 2023, might be draining.

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Three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes on June 12, and it's partially because of Moon trine Mars. We'll get to go 'all out' today, which is what we like to do, but we may end up pushing it a little too far, and for those of us who want to push it too far, that's actually saying a lot.

What's going on is that we've got the astrological transit of Moon trine Mars backing up our every move, and while, on any other ordinary day, this could be an inspiring transit, today is going to make it so that we go a little too hard. Hard on ourselves and hard on the expectations we put on ourselves. Transit Moon trine Mars is full of passion. What it lacks in order, and if we can't discern 'when to stop,' we may end up in chaos.


One of the things that may happen on this day, June 12, 2023, is that three of the zodiac signs here today will wake up feeling extremely 'ready.' It's as if this is THE DAY when so many wonderful adventures are about to take place, and yet, that one thing keeps happening again and again: people.



People take the joy out of the day for those riding high with Moon trine Mars. We are set for the best intentions; those naysayers won't stop until we believe what they say. They say 'nay,' and we say 'OK.' That's not how today was supposed to go!


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And so it is; what makes this day rough is knowing that our enthusiasm and 'get up and go' will likely have to be 'rescheduled' for another day. It's about getting used to it today. It's about dealing with it. As they used to say when we were kids: "You get what you get, and you don't get upset!" Welcome to adulthood, zodiac signs. Which zodiac signs will get to experience the full halt today?

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on June 12:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Did somebody say, 'unbridled enthusiasm?' They certainly will once they see you in action, Aries, as this day has you waking up raring to go and chomping at the bit. You are unstoppable today, and your attitude is one hundred percent 'champion.' All of this sounds good, right? Well, it is. It's perfect, except that on June 12, 2023, you will be prohibited from utilizing your dazzling strength simply because many people around you don't support your methods.


During Moon trine Mars, you may feel the power, but those in the position of authority will stand in your way and 'set you back down' in place. This will cause you anger and resentment ... but it won't kill your spirit. The reality is that you may have a setback today, but it will never cramp your style. If you must wait another day or week, so be it. You have your eyes on the prize and won't be defeated.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

June 12, 2023, brings you a day of vision. You see the goal ahead of you and believe in your heart that you will reach that goal. You have everything it takes. You'll have this on lock if you can get to the starting line. Your attitude is amazing, and you are fully backed by the power of Moon trine Mars, which means that success is almost guaranteed ... however, your power is intimidating to others. Yes, you've been here before, and you are not flattered by jealousy, as it has an insidious way of ruining your plans.


That's how today will look for you, Leo. There you are, ready to go, and then there's someone in your close circle of friends or co-workers who has to find something wrong with what you're doing so they can interfere. And they will interfere, which will throw your timing off. Better luck tomorrow, kiddo!

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Whenever a Sagittarius like you gets involved with the transit of Moon trine Mars, as you will on June 12, 2023, you'll feel your competitive side rise up. Ordinarily, you only like to compete in areas where you know you can win, but occasionally, you want to claim 'first place.' On this day, it will be something work-related. It's not that you want to show others that you are better in whatever department you work in. You want to be noticed for the excellent work you can do.


You feel as though all you can bring is excellence, and the main problem with today's power-play is that Moon trine Mars makes you think you can do something you clearly cannot do. An outside source is not stopping you; this one's on you, Sag. You may overstep your boundaries today, only to discover that you aren't as capable as you imagine yourself to be.

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