Love Horoscopes Are Lucky For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 29 Thanks To The Libra Moon

Our mind aligns with our heart's intentions.

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What makes three zodiac signs in astrology very lucky in love on this day, May 29, 2023 is that we have two transits in the sky that, when working together, produce some stellar results. On their own, they have meaning, but it's the idea that these two transits are working back to back here that's the key to success in love and relationship today.

We're looking at the Libra Moon in sextile formation with Mars. How this pertains to human relations is in the idea that because of these transits, we are able to become rational and objective during times of chaos and hyped-up passion.


Basically, this means that on this day, during the Libra Moon, we will actually be able to catch ourselves before we go too far. If we feel as though we are the ones who are bringing in the chaos or hostility, we will have no ego about pulling back.

The Libra Moon gives us what it takes to be able to self-reflect; we are humble and amicable during this time, and while we may find that our patience is tried, during the Moon sextile Mars, we will easily size it up for what it's worth, which is very little. We end hostility before it gets a chance to 'act up' and by the end of the day, we may even be proud of ourselves for cutting it off at the pass.




And so, by default, we will end up having a very good day when it comes to love, passion and romance. We are able to witness our own actions, and for three signs of the Zodiac, the ability to stand back and not get in our own ways will benefit our love lives tremendously. Which zodiac signs are completely down for a good day in love?

Three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on May 29, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

While the Mars energy stimulates you and gets you thinking, you'll easily be able to temper those strong feelings, whether positive or negative thanks to the Libra Moon on high. How this works in your romantic relationship is in so much as on this day, you and your partner will get into some super deep conversations. You love this, maybe more than anything, but that Aries side of you always wants the engagement to get a little heated; you can't help it.


You like warring with your partner, but fortunately, the Libra Moon totally tames whatever hostility you have in your heart today and honestly, you feel a lot better being in a relaxed state that always poised for war. Today brings in a refreshing sense of balance, and that you can definitely handle.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Not one to let a good opportunity pass you by, you are all over the Libra Moon and its kindly vibration, and you will jump on the chance to bring good cheer to your romantic partner. Even if you are single, this is a good day for you because it allows you to shine. If you are up for doing a good deed, then you'll be able to without the fear of being 'read wrong.'


Your motives are clear and without a hidden agenda, and whoever is on the receiving end of your love, be they your partner or your date, will feel safe and secure around you. You present no threat today and you are able to show who you really are, 'as is.' And, let's not forget that during the Libra Moon, you, Libra, are the world's ultimate charmer; don't let that magic go to waste!

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

While you have been known to occasionally succumb to the drama, today presents you with a rare opportunity: a drama-free day that you can spend all to yourself, or with the person you adore. You may be tempted to decline this invitation, as the Mars energy definitely calls to you, but during the Libra Moon, you'll just say, "Nah" and you'll go for the peace and relaxation of just chilling at home with the person you love.


You may even have the realization that this really is the good stuff, this here, this nice and easy attitude in love. Will you stay with that peaceful easy feeling? No way, but the moment is now, so live in the moment, Pisces. Enjoy your carefree day of love and passion, as there really isn't much that will stop you from enjoying all the love there is in your life, right now.

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