8 Things Drama-Free Women Do Very Differently

We're the best, and you should befriend one of us immediately.

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Move over housewives. In our reality, drama is kept at a minimum and friendships are, well, friendly.

Let’s hear it for the women who not only support but lead, inspire, and respect one another!

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They see a world that is trying to pit them against each other and they became friends instead.

Here are 8 things drama-free women do way differently:

1. They're unconditionally happy for the women in their life

Whether it’s a dream job, a ring from a gorgeous guy, a fab fit body she literally worked her a** off for, or a killer personality, their joy is her joy.


These women don't understand the "hating" mentality as they know there is plenty to go around, and when good fortune pays a visit and hard work pays off, they're the first ones to raise a glass.

2. They're really there for their girlfriends

Not just when it's convenient. Not just when they're happy. Not just when cocktails are involved. Not just when they're single. These women set aside time to listen, support and celebrate the women in their lives. From birthdays to breakups, they show up both literally and figuratively.

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3. They despise mean girls

Catty comments? They lost their luster in middle school. They want the women around them to look and feel great. They have no interest in putting other women down in order to lift themselves up, and if someone needs a little boost, they are the first ones to offer.


4. They don’t see other women as competition

When they're with their gorgeous girlfriend or their charismatic colleague, they recognize all of the amazing things about her and love that she does the same for them. They know every woman brings something incredible to the table, and when fantastic women come together, they're unstoppable. They don't get jealous of each other's success.

5. They applaud strong, confident, and smart women

They love to see a woman who is comfortable in her skin, owns her space, and takes the time to formulate an educated opinion. When she shares it eloquently and respectfully, well, swoon. 

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6. Their love relationship doesn’t dictate your time together

Yes, it’s fun to be in love but it’s also fun to laugh with their girlfriends and keep current on all events. Making time for their friends doesn’t feel like a chore because they know there are plenty of loves in their life that should be appreciated and nurtured.  


7. They make an effort to help younger women

Instead of being threatened by their youth, fresh ideas, or surplus of ambition, they feel grateful to be in a position where they can share their experiences and mistakes to help younger women achieve their dreams and goals with fewer bruises.

8. They don’t walk around with a gavel

They know the difference between solid advice and mislabeled judgment. Whether a woman decides to stay at home with her children or remain childless in a corner office, they support the broad stroke of feminism which means that choice — from clothing and partners to lifestyle, political stance, and diet — is a deeply personal one.

They also realize their opinion on another woman’s decision to wear six-inch heels or not breastfeed is really irrelevant and sharing it out loud is rude.


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Brenda Della Casa is the author of Cinderella Was a Liar, former managing editor of Preston Bailey, a Huffington Post Blogger, and a contributor for Divalicous.