3 Zodiac Signs Trust No One During Sun Square Saturn On May 28, 2023

No one is worth letting their guard down for.

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It's pretty easy to get into the mindset that it's just better not to trust anyone, especially when everybody is so susceptible to everything. You never know when you're going to offend someone, and if you've even accidentally done this — offended someone unintentionally — you may have gained the experience of what it's like to be made into an idiot by someone else. If you've ever made a mistake where you spoke out of turn or inappropriately, you probably know what it's like to be told that you are not only wrong for being such a naive fool but that you should probably withhold your feelings from now on.


On May 28, 2023, three zodiac signs trust no one. We may come into a situation that we want to react to ... with words. We may even come from a truly peaceful place, but because we are naive or not accustomed to someone else's lifestyle choices or ways, we may insult them because we don't know any better.

During the transit of Sun square Saturn, whoever we accidentally offend with our ignorance will come at us like gangbusters and make us feel terrible for even being alive. We will be read the riot act, and we might not even know why. We may have wanted to learn, but not 'this way.' We want to know the errors we have made, but during Sun square Saturn, we will be harshly condemned instead of appropriately taught, and that will leave us with one conclusion: trust no one.




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It's a scary world out there, and we are starting to think that maybe we shouldn't speak up for fear that we will offend. This puts us in the position of not trusting anyone around us. We wanted to trust and still want to be accepted or able to speak up, but three zodiac signs will have a poor reaction to today's transit of Sun square Saturn. Which zodiac signs will be too terrified to trust anyone?

Three zodiac signs trust no one on May 28, 2023:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)


While we never associate Leo with any kind of fear, there are those days when even Leo backs down, and May 28, 2023, is one of them. You just don't feel safe out there. Your old tricks aren't working anymore, and you think you're becoming obsolete as if everything you suggest is shut down immediately by people who 'know better than you.'

At first, you felt rebellious and even a little funny. You thought your sense of humor would melt the crowd, and yet, as time passed, you saw that the crowd was cold and un-meltable, and nobody was laughing at your well-intended jokes. During the transit of Sun square Saturn, you'll see this magnified; it's going to be up to you now as to whether or not you'll push your way to the top or you've back away completely because it feels as though there's nothing you can trust anymore.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


You have always been a blurter, meaning you say whatever is on your mind, and you figure you're charming enough to get away with it. You don't speak to try to hurt someone's feelings, but sometimes, Sag, you can't read the room, and on May 28, 2023, the room wants nothing to do with your words or thoughts. That will hurt, but it will make you wise up so that in the future, you don't walk into a room all willy-nilly and offer up your opinions.

During the transit of Sun square Saturn, you'll learn an important life lesson: not to trust everyone simply because your intentions are good. You will say something you think is 'cool' today, and you'll find out you have just offended a thousand people. You won't feel good about it, but more: you'll never again trust a situation you haven't fully vetted yet.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


You run on emotion, and because you know yourself to be pure of heart and intelligent of mind, you feel as though your opinion counts. You feel important, not egomaniacal, but not invisible, and on this day, May 28, 2023, you will get that handed right back to you, as Sun square Saturn ensures you understand the 'new rules.'

Today lets you know that your old ways are over. You can no longer trust that everyone wants to know what's on your mind. Today will prove to you that you aren't as included as you once thought you were. In fact, after a stint with Sun square Saturn, you'll feel as though you belong nowhere. After this day, you won't trust people anymore. You'll keep to yourself until you learn how to acclimate to the new rules and the people who write those rules.

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