Love Horoscopes Are 'Beautifully Lucky' For 3 Zodiac Signs On May 17, 2023

The Moon in Taurus paves the way for love.

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On May 17, 2023 three zodiac signs are luckiest in love, and today is not only a beautiful day; it's one of the better days of the year for romantic relationships. This is the day when we decide to share a few 'expansive' ideas with our partners, and if we aren't in relationships yet with the people we want to become our partners, this is the day that makes all that possible.

It's May 17, and we are lucky in love because the Moon is in Taurus, which gives us stability, and it is also conjunct with Jupiter, which makes us know everything is possible ... even true love. If we are the kind of people who want commitment, this is a great time for planning on it. If we want someone to know how we feel about them, no day feels 'safer' than today, May 17. Today is the day we make our moves!


Being our Sun is already in Taurus, it only helps our feelings of security and stability when we have our Moon in Taurus as well, and essentially, what all of this means is we are ready to build a foundation for the love we feel to thrive on. We don't see the future as 'the great unknown.' We see it as this tangible concept we can participate in and shape. We want to take control of our lives on this day, and for lovers, this means fearlessness and commitment.

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We don't shun the idea of 'forever' even if it's just a romantic concept. We want all the poetic references we can get during this time, and because Moon conjunct Jupiter supports love and commitment, we can't help but feel dang good about it all. Yes!

While everyone gets to feel good on this day, there are definitely three zodiac signs who get to know firsthand what the Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter can do for us in love and romance. Who's up for love, passion, affection and more where that comes from today? I am! I am! Who's joining me?

Three zodiac signs who are lucky in love on May 17, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

It doesn't take long to hop on the positivity train today, as you will wake up feeling like the world is your oyster and all things are good, good, good. You and your partner 'talked' just recently; you know, the one where you decide it's best to take things to the next level? Yeah, that one. Well, it seems that during the Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter on May 17, they have been mulling over the thought to the degree that they are ready to make a move.


Expect your relationship to take a turn today, and all for the better. You can finally see the road ahead, paved with good intentions and realistic relationship goals. You are stoked today, Aries. It's finally all falling into place, and you love every minute of this love experience. Good for you!

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Who knew you'd make such a comeback, especially after what you've gone through in love and romance? Yet, here you are today, May 17, and all things look so much better in love than you ever thought possible. Wow, what a change, and so much of it has come to you because of the transit known as the Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter, which is here to bust open the doors of self-doubt and place you on the fast track for serious love.


Your partner is ... the best. It's just that in a nutshell. You picked yourself a good one this time, Taurus, and they will prove it to you today. Don't be surprised if they do something nutty like asking you to marry them. You don't need to say yes ... but you might want to. Expect THIS kind of day, and stop laughing, already. You're having too much fun!

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Love is everywhere you look today, and you are happy not only for how things have turned out in your love story but in the stories of those around you. On May 17, during the Taurus Moon conjunct Jupiter, you will be one with love; you will feel good about yourself and your partner and even feel happy for friends and family members who have finally found their path.


Your love life feels solid as if it's not going anywhere other than to a place of peace and warmth. You have nothing on your mind today other than to be there for the person you love and love with all your heart.

This day doesn't come with fireworks because you don't need them. The beauty of the day comes to you as the result of doing the right thing and loving the right person all along. Today is your happy day, Sagittarius, and all is well in your world. 

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