You Don't Want To Marry This Type Of Man

You don't want to marry this type of man.

Last updated on May 15, 2023

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Sometimes we find ourselves in a relationship that just doesn’t feel completely right, but we are stuck in it just because we think that what we’re feeling is love.

Well, maybe would be better to take a step back and face that our “other half” is not right for us!

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And there are some clear signs that help you understand that your boyfriend might not know how to be a good husband.


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Here are 5 reasons why you don't want to marry this type of man:

1. He seems ashamed of you

Basically, when you’re in public, he seems a completely different person. He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends and family and he’s always embarrassed when someone sees you hanging out. He never wants to hold your hand or do demonstrate some kind of affection in public. If he’s not shy, he probably isn’t the right one for you.


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2. He’s not respectful

If he’s rude and vulgar with you, if he fights a lot if he doesn’t treat you right… well, he’s not #husbandmaterial. Respect always comes first in a relationship: no one has the right to treat you badly or to make you feel like you’re the wrong one!

3. There’s no physical attraction and chemistry

Simple and easy: even if he seems the right one for his sweetness, intelligence, and kindness, if there’s no chemistry between you two, your story is not supposed to last. AKA: he’s not Mr. Right.

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4. He has different values

If you don’t share the same values about life, family, and love, how it would be possible to create a family? It’s ok to disagree sometimes… but not about important stuff that you might like to teach your children.


5. He tells lies

The worst category: the liars! If you are with someone who constantly tells lies about little or big things, he’s not right for you! Honesty is always the point when it comes to long-lasting relationships!

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