3 Zodiac Signs Switch Off Their Feelings On May 17 When The Moon Squares Pluto

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zodiac signs who emotionally detach on may 17, 2023

Three zodiac signs emotionally detach during the Moon square Pluto on May 17, 2023. Have you ever been accused of being 'cold' to someone simply because you've learned that you'll get slammed for it if you show your feelings? Sometimes, we become very in touch with our feelings; at times, those feelings make us feel so vulnerable that we think we'll crumble or shatter if we 'feel' another emotion.

When those times happen, we shut down ... it's not because we are emotionless or without compassion; we have to do this to survive. When we've come to where we feel we need to emotionally detach from our feelings, life has taught us that if we stay in the situation, we must be strong, stoic, and perhaps even emotionally shut down. We switch off our feelings to regroup and regain our strength.

On May 17, 2023, we have the transit of Moon square Pluto, and this cosmic aspect is known for bringing in the cold, which means that if we feel the need to back off and retreat, Moon square Pluto is there to make it possible for us to do so. While Pluto transits tend to come with a dark story, we human beings come to know ourselves very well, and we tend to realize when a thing is too dark, that is when we 'switch off.' For three zodiac signs, the Moon square Pluto will be in full swing. Think of it as a protector, a mental and emotional guardian.



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On May 17, we aren't about to 'start' switching off our feelings; we are about to experience the culmination of what shutting down actually feels like as it progresses. If someone has hurt us, we come to a point where we can no longer take the pain ... and we unconsciously decide not to. Today is the day this becomes a reality. Today is the day that these three zodiac signs switch those hard-to-take feelings off.

Three zodiac signs switch off their feelings when the Moon squares Pluto on May 17, 2023:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

For someone like yourself, Cancer, emotions have always been a thing you've grappled with, mainly because you've seen how hard you take things when they don't go according to plan. As it is in life, you will once again come to that place where your emotional life threatens to become unruly and chaotic; you need some control here, and because you can't find much of it externally, you engage with the power that comes with today's Moon square Pluto. You tell yourself that, right now, you need to back off and retreat.

There is no other option than to switch off your feelings because you know yourself well and where this goes if you dive in too far. You are at the precipice of the rabbit hole and familiar with what's 'down there,' on May 17, 2023, when the Moon squares Pluto, you will refuse to go there.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Unlike Cancer, you are more accustomed to shutting down your emotions if need be, when the transit of Moon square Pluto happens on May 17, you will find that today brings you the perfect situation. There is someone in your life whom you feel is blackmailing you emotionally, and you simply won't play into their games.

You could ... oh yes, you could easily allow yourself to be manipulated by this person, but you see what they're doing, and this time, you're not going to play right into their hands. You've learned that to keep your sanity and 'win,' you must give them the ol' silent treatment. The conspiracy of silence does the trick for you every time, allowing you to find your strength again. Let that person figure it out independently; you need not give them their way. This you know for sure.

3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Shutting off your emotions and switching off your feelings has become somewhat of an Olympic challenge for you, as you happen to be in a romantic relationship with someone who has minimal reserve when it comes to saying the very worst things to you. At first, you used to crumble, taking everything they said as an insult or something you needed to worry about.

However, when the Moon squares Pluto on May 17, you will once again hear the bellowing complaints of this person who is supposed to love and respect you, and instead of taking any of it personally, you'll simply 'smile and wave.' You don't care what they say because you have realized they will never change or stop. So, you've learned how to shut down and ignore them. This allows you to 'win' in your way.

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