3 Zodiac Signs Want Success More Than Love On May 16, 2023, During Jupiter In Taurus

We are invested in our lives today, and rightly so!

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There are three zodiac signs who crave success much more than they want love, and it's due to the power of Jupiter in Taurus on May 16, 2023. How this power manifests in our lives is through our drive for achievement. 

Some of us have worked for a  long time, and because we are so ambitious, we need to set goals for success, and to do so, we also need to set boundaries. To get the success we desire, we need discipline, and that's no joke. That's why when we feel the cosmic influence of Jupiter in Taurus, we know that at this point in our lives, work takes precedence over romance. It can be no other way.


Three signs of the zodiac will know that this is the only way to go, and if we are one of those zodiac signs and we are also in a romantic relationship, today may be the day we have to do some explaining to our partner. We are dead serious. 

If we are to be successful, then we need to keep our eyes on the prize, and if the person we are with doesn't understand this, then they may want to either educate themselves on this reality or step away so that they don't end up disappointed. Our drive for success is not about ending romantic relationships. The purpose of being successful is to provide stability for the future of this relationship ... however, this must be understood by both parties.




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We aren't about to ignore our partners, but we will implore their understanding because this success is about building, not destroying. During Jupiter in Taurus on May 16, we need the support of those in our lives, which means we need them to be patient with us.

We are striving for a goal, and support is necessary. Fortunately, the people in our lives are there for us and will understand 'the big picture.' Which zodiac signs will be most affected by Jupiter in Taurus on this day?


Three zodiac signs want success more than love on May 16, 2023:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Success has always been a big part of your life; only you know how hard you strive for it. You've always let the people in your life know that this is of utmost importance to you, whether it's career-related or simply about being the best at whatever you do.

You are adamant about letting those in your life know that if there is an opportunity worth grabbing, you will run towards it and that they need to know in advance that it's not that success is more important to you than they are, but that you are goal-oriented and will put them on the back burner while pursuing your dream.

During Jupiter in Taurus, this feeling will rise to the surface again as you will be offered something you can't and won't refuse. You trust that your love life will remain intact; however, on May 16, you are going for the gold ... and no one can stop you.


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2. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You feel you can balance everything in your life if you are upfront and honest about your desire for success. This is no joke to you; you have always been open about what you prioritize, and this lets the people, especially those you are romantically tied to, know that you mean business. You have a goal and are not about to let love distract you, as you are familiar with what love can do if you don't control it personally.

On May 16, you may have to reinforce your priority list with your romantic partner again to remind them of their place in your life. This may seem cold, but you have never pretended to be otherwise; you are warm when needed and directed when necessary. You aim for success, and you figure that love will hold on for you if it's true.


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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Love has never been your ultimate goal, although you certainly do enjoy having it in your life. Still, when it comes to your work and the success you've been seeking, you feel as though you are entitled to have your life 'your way.' Having things your way means that success comes first and that love comes afterward.


You don't degrade love, as it is very important to you, but during the transit of Jupiter in Taurus, on May 16, you will see that the person in your life doesn't seem to have gotten the memo; you opt for success over love, and this is something they need to get ... or get left behind. You are not trying to hurt anyone, but you ARE trying to help yourself. That's a good thing, Aquarius, as it is you who saves you and you who works for you. It's all good; stay on course!

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