3 Zodiac Signs Need Space In Love On May 13 During The Moon In Pisces

There's nothing wrong with needing time to yourself, even if you're in a relationship.

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Three zodiac signs need their personal space in love on May 13, 2023, due to the Moon in Pisces. It's time to declare some personal space, lovers because while sharing it all is fun, we must admit that sometimes ... we just need a little space to ourselves.

You'd be surprised at how many people forfeit their right to personal space, believing that, for some reason, if we are in romantic relationships, we're supposed to share everything. Isn't that just a little too much to ask for? And yet, year after year, couples buy into this idea that 'now that we are in a relationship, we have to share everything.' This includes time, bathroom space, social media accounts ... the works. Yikes! I don't know about you, but when couples share social media accounts, I only see a lack of trust and infringement on one's privacy.


The question is, does needing personal space have to imply that one is doing something shady? NO. And yet, we've trained ourselves to believe that if our partner wants three seconds away from us, they must be up to no good, and so we end up forcing ourselves onto their privacy, where we start up the resentment that is sure to come later on down the road.



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Hello, wake up; it's 2023. May 13, 2023, to be specific, and we are at the point where we all know that if we are going to be functioning human beings, then we need a little privacy ... just to unwind or be ourselves. During the Moon in Pisces, this Friday, we will know with no uncertainty that we need our personal space to survive, and we will say something to our loved ones to let them know to calm down, relax and just live and let live. Live and let live; it doesn't imply cheating, lying or doing anything even slightly negative ... it just means, 'Leave me be for a while as I need my own space, thanks.' Who needs personal space during the Pisces Moon?

Three zodiac signs need their personal space in love on May 13, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Personal space is a no-brainer for you, and you have zero qualms about stating this need to your romantic partner. You figure that if you're going to have a romantic partner in the first place, it's because they've already caught on to the fact that you are a super independent person who will always want their space and that it has no bearing on the relationship whatsoever.

On May 13, 2023, you may have to remind your person of who you are as you may feel the jolt of independent need rise in you, thanks to the Moon in Pisces, today's transit. If they love you, they'll understand, and you already know they love you because they would never spend a minute with you if love weren't the glue that held you together. You are loved and understood, and your need for personal space is just something they take for granted ... phew!


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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You don't feel like a completely autonomous human being if you are somehow deprived of your space, and on May 13, 2023, you may have to remind your romantic partner that this is part of your criteria if you are to continue as a couple. You can hardly believe that anyone would even want to live without personal space, and during the Pisces Moon, you may see that your partner is a bit clueless when it comes to showing you the respect you require in this situation.

It's OK, Libra; they will take it like a pro, so you don't have to assume they'll go flying off the handle when you tell them that you actually can't live without a bit of space to yourself. You may also find that they want their own space as well. Nothing shady here, just us human beings ... well, human. It happens.


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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You've had many love affairs, and everyone who knows you romantically also knows you must have your space ... and sometimes that might even mean your bedroom. Oh my goodness, such liberty, such daring nerve! And yet, that's you, Sagittarius. You are the one who ultimately demands personal space. And, if you need to give your present partner a heads up on the situation, as you might on this day, May 13, 2023, then you shall, and you will do it unceremoniously and effectively.


You may be inspired to do so during the Pisces Moon, as this transit supports your desire for independence, and you will get what you want because ... there is no other option. You are willing to be in a relationship and go the full distance with another person ... as long as they respect your need for personal space. Carry on.

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