3 Zodiac Signs Second-Guess Their Relationship On May 2, 2023, During Moon Trine Pluto

Is this really right for me?

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Three zodiac signs second guess their relationships on May 2, 2023, thanks to the Moon trine Pluto. It would be less than human to think we'd be in romantic relationships without at least spending a day or two wondering if we've made the right choice. We can't help but think about even the surest of things, and perhaps that's why we doubt it in the first place: if it's that sure, then surely it can break, right?


On Tuesday, during Moon trine Pluto, things look like they can break easily, which is why our minds fill with negative perspectives. We can't help but wonder about our mates ... are they really all we believe them to be? And if so, then why are we doubting them?

We doubt it because that vibe comes with Moon trine Pluto. We all know by now that Pluto brings the dark energy, and by 'dark energy,' we mean doubt, self-doubt, neurosis, apathy, worry ... the whole shebang of mental burdens.

So, one thing we need to know about this day, May 2, 2023, is that if we are plagued with second thoughts about the person we are with, it's not them; it's us. They aren't about to do something that stirs up our suspicion; we are naturally inclined to feel paranoia on this day, during Moon trine Pluto, and because of that, we look to the one we love to project our fears upon.




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For Libra, Aquarius and Pisces, we question our loved ones today. We may not voice our thoughts out loud, but inside, we wonder: Is this the right person for me? Did I make the right choice when I gave this person my heart ... and soul? Understand that this is natural and just second-guessing. In the long run, it will only strengthen the relationship. It's OK to contemplate the worth of the person we give all we have.

Three zodiac signs second-guess their relationship on May 2, 2023:

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


Today, May 2, puts Moon trine Pluto right into your direct orbit, Libra, and because of this transit, you will have a few doubts about the person you are with romantically. You are someone who wants there to be 'no secrets' because you believe living in the truth is the only way to avoid suspicions and problems later on, down the road.

Your partner has given you no reason to doubt or even question them, so if you do feel suspicious about something today, try and be practical with how you approach them, as they are innocent. Your self-doubt will arise during Moon trine Pluto, and you will project it onto your loved one. Give yourself a moment to think things through; questioning someone's actions is fine, but do not assume you are right. Seek the truth. Do not pursue a paranoid fantasy.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)


Whenever you have days like today, where a transit like Moon trine Pluto are in the sky and wreaking havoc on your imagination, you tend to suspect everyone around you of wrongdoing. Is your partner really telling you the truth, and are those friends of yours secretly conspiring, behind your back, to ... get you? Pluto tends to make Aquarius feel a bit paranoid. 

While you'll experience that in full force on May 2, you may start to develop a fantasy about the person you are in a relationship with, meaning you may 'decide' that they are doing something wrong when they are doing nothing at all. You can't help but have second thoughts about this person, but you may be unable to put your finger on why. You just don't feel secure today, and your insecurity will have you directing your fears and doubts to the person you trust most; your partner.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


Because you are a super sensitive person, it's hard for you to cope with transits like Moon trine Pluto because they tend to make people even more sensitive, and sometimes that kind of sensitivity borders on paranoia. On May 2, 2023, Moon trine Pluto will lurk in the shadows, prompting you to find the wrong things. 'What's wrong with this picture?' That's what you'll be asking yourself today as you try to figure out what about your romantic partner disturbs you.

Are they the one who disturbs you, or is it just you who self-sabotages for the sake of having something to do? You will find something wrong with your mate today, and whether or not it's true, you will hold on to that, and it will hurt you. It's OK to have second thoughts about the person you're with, but in your case, this person has proved themselves to you, and honestly ... they're good to go. Trust this, Pisces.

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