3 Zodiac Signs Want Love That's Easy On April 30, 2023

Mercury square Lilith brings out the deepest desires of our hearts.

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Three zodiac signs want love that is easy on April 30, 2023 due to Mercury square Lilith. Mercury square Lilith is not the phrase on anyone's lips unless you're 'in the know,' if you're going to be in the know on any day, this is the day to brush up on your transits. April 30, 2023, brings us this unique transit, and so much of what it's about is love, passion and ... having it our way. Now, that could come with a broad set of definitions, as 'having it our way' could mean any number of things.


For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius we can narrow down the results of such an influence and say that this is the day we want to love ... but we want it easy. We want it uncomplicated; we want it without drama or issues. But still ... we want it.

There's a reason that Mercury square Lilith has a strong effect on us, and it's because we have experience; we already know that there are certain things that just won't work, especially when it comes to love and romance, and during this transit, we get it into our heads that it's a good idea to rely upon that experience to show us the direction in which we might find the right path for us, for that love. We have learned that love doesn't necessarily NEED drama and that the theatrics that comes with a new love is often unnecessary. 




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And so, on April 30, 2023, during the transit of Mercury square Lilith, we will use our prior knowledge to lead us to the love we DO want, which is the love that comes naturally, is not resistant, and shows itself right at the beginning as easy-going and without the promise of high drama and unnecessary emotional baggage. Today is the day three zodiac signs say yes to love ... as long as it is easy. That's the way it is.

Three zodiac signs want love that's easy on April 30, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)


Because it's a Mercury transit, you might be a little keener on what's going on, as this taps into your sense of energy and drama. You've come to know that you have had enough of the harsher times, and in all honesty, no matter what the topic is, you want it easy. That goes for love, business, family and work. You are simply too tuckered out to get involved in anything if the communication doesn't go smoothly.

While Mercury square Lilith focuses on love and relationship, you can easily apply the energy that comes with this transit to the romance you'd like to have in your life right now. Yes, you do want love, and yes, you more than likely are in a relationship right now, Gemini, but you are super wary of what's going on; should this person shows signs of being a high-drama person, you may just call it quits. You want it easy, and you are dead serious about that.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


Getting involved with someone only to have it turn into a circus is SO not your idea of fun, and you are upfront about this whenever you meet someone. You are not interested in head trips or mind games; you want to love someone and be loved, and you see no point in the many offshoots that comes with human relationships. You want it easy, and you know it can happen.

During the transit of Mercury square Lilith on April 30, you will meet someone who interests you, but you won't proceed with anything until you 'feel them out' first. If you detect that this person is into making everything complicated and irrational, you will bolt; you're not here to waste your time. You want your time to be spent in peace. Your love is cultivated in an easy environment, not a difficult one. You're more of a daisy than an orchid.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)


What bugs you about love is that the people you get involved with don't seem to be listening to you when you tell them right at the beginning of your romantic relationship with them that you require certain things and that difficulty is not one of them. You'll once again note that you have been honest, yet the people in your life seem to want to play games.

It's as if they think you are kidding; your specific need for ease is like a joke to others ... they really don't take you seriously. On April 30, you will have another chance to explain yourself to someone so that they don't make the mistake of thinking of you as someone who adores high drama and hysterical fits of confusion. Will they hear you this time, Aquarius? During Mercury square Lilith, there's a good chance they will.

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