3 Zodiac Signs Get Betrayed On April 23, 2023, During Moon Conjunct Venus

These three zodiac signs have their heart broken by a friend.

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Three zodiac signs will get betrayed on April 23, 2023, during the Moon conjunct Venus. Imagine knowing that on a certain day, during a certain transit, you were going to be betrayed. Wow, what a thing that would be, and the odd bit about being betrayed is there are always two conditions to choose from.

One is that we are hit with this betrayal out of nowhere and now all of our trust is shattered, OR, we kinda-sorta knew this would happen, and now that it's here, really happening and we feel strangely ... relieved by it. During the transit of Moon conjunct Venus, which comes to us on April 23, 2023, we will feel the second option more than the first; there is a betrayal coming, and we sense it's going to happen way before it actually occurs.


The transit, Moon conjunct Venus, taps into our psychic abilities, and that's not to say we can predict the future. However, we may end up a little more sensitive to the ethereal world of thoughts and ... paranoias.

They say that a 'paranoiac is someone who really knows the truth,' and while that sounds like a joke, there's something to it on this day, April 23, 2023. Have you ever heard the expression, "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck ... it's a duck?" Well, that applies to the sense of doom many of us might pick up on today when it comes to our love lives.



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Something is wrong and we know it; we're just waiting to walk into it to be able to describe what we see. It's looking and quacking like a duck, and for three zodiac signs, it's going to smell like betrayal is in the air. It's a very distinct 'fragrance,' and we won't know what it is until it hits us ... but it will hit, and it will bring us to our knees.

Three zodiac signs get betrayed on April 23, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

What's going to be very obvious to you today, Gemini, is that you had a feeling that what is about to happen would happen. You started to feel a little neurotic about a certain person in your life, a loved one, and your trust in them has started to waver. 

That's not a good thing, and certainly not for you, as you desperately cling to that which you can trust. You have been feeling, however, that something isn't right between the two of you and that, even though it was unspoken, you knew there would be a major upset coming.


On April 23, 2023, during the transit of Moon conjunct Venus, you will come to realize that betrayal is the name of the game here and you are the victim of someone else's mind game. You have been played for a fool, and you knew this was going to happen. This betrayal will harden you, Gemini, and you will learn from it.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

You may have an inkling of an idea of what's coming your way because you are smart and you've started to put two and two together, where this one person is concerned. It appears the unthinkable has happened: you've been lied to.


You've been made into someone's fool, and they've taken advantage of your good nature and your naïveté for a long time now. The anger you will feel today, April 23, 2023, will be beyond words, but it is nothing compared to the heartbreak you'll experience.

You figured if you always told the truth and acted the part of the dedicated lover you'd be treated well in return, but alas, that was not part of the plan, and during the transit of Moon conjunct Venus, you will come to see that no matter how much love you gave out, the recipient of that love was no good for you in the long run.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


You are damned tired of being the one who is always betrayed and you really don't like the idea of thinking this is some sort of pattern that you, yourself have created. Ugh, the idea of being a magnet for betrayal really irks you, and during Moon conjunct Venus, you'll get to see betrayal in action, one more time.

That's the kicker though; it may be the last time. You have started to feel as though maybe you need to take responsibility for all of this backstabbing; maybe you've put yourself in the position of being someone others CAN betray ... ?

On April 23, you will be hit by the truth that someone in your life has lied to you, once again, except this time, you will learn. Yes, it will sting, and yes, you saw it coming. But no more, Sagittarius. This is the last one. You are not open to the betrayal business any longer.


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