4 Zodiac Signs Fall Out Of Love & End A Relationship In May 2023

Endings are a celebration of growth.

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Four zodiac signs fall out of love and end their relationships the week of May 1 - 7, 2023. Ending a relationship is not something anyone desires, especially when it happens due to a lack of love. Instead, it is a matter of alignment and whether the relationship can continue to grow with both partners.

The responsibility for the breakup does not have to lie with any particular person, nor does it have to be accompanied by anger or chaos. It is possible to end a relationship peacefully and lovingly, with the awareness that both individuals have learned from the experience.


Despite the tears and heartache, it is a time to celebrate and recognize that things are happening as they are meant to. Relationships that cannot grow with you often become a barrier to personal growth.

It is a decision to value your self-worth, to choose yourself, and to acknowledge that even through heartbreak, you are doing what you need to do for yourself so that you never become stagnant in life. Not settling for complacency in love means that you are no longer avoiding the truth that you already know.

In May 2023, 4 zodiac signs fall out of love and end a relationship:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19) 


At times, we experience a wake-up call when we least expect it. We may have been unhappy or dissatisfied in a relationship for some time, hoping to improve it, but deep down, we know the truth. The current relationship is more of a learning experience and a lesson rather than a lifelong commitment. The wounds that prevent us from moving on are often related to how we feel about ourselves.

Fortunately, with Jupiter in your zodiac sign for a few more weeks, it is not too late to address our negative self-perception. If we do not believe that we deserve better or more from love, we will never receive it. Everything we desire is possible, but we need to stop telling ourselves that we do not deserve it.

While the past few months may have been difficult, with the knowledge that our partner and we are heading in different directions, we may have hesitated because we know that once we say it, we are committed to following through. This is where our belief in ourselves and our self-worth becomes important.

The New Moon in Taurus can bring light to our deepest fears and help us feel secure and safe, even in the parts of ourselves that do not believe we deserve love in all the ways we desire. This allows us to understand our value, which includes deserving the relationship we dream of and also peace. Therefore, our focus on transitioning out of the current relationship should be less about the possibility of another and more about the peace and truth we can live with. Making our decisions and valuing ourselves creates less room for doubt.


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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20) 

You cannot force a relationship to meet your needs if it is just not meant to be. You have been through so much in your life, not only in recent months but also over the past few years. It seems like you have completely redefined what a relationship means to you, and so much has changed about who you are as a person that it's hard to imagine a relationship growing along with you. However, with so much planetary energy in your zodiac sign this month, prioritizing yourself will no longer be a challenge. This is not selfishness, but rather a way to show that you truly love yourself. You need to honor your feelings, your inner knowledge, and your desire to live your life without the constraints that your current relationship imposes on you.

Losing your relationship no longer scares you because you have faith that following your intuition and desires will lead to everything working out just as it should. With the influence of Taurus energy and Venus moving into Cancer, you can have those necessary conversations about change. Just because you know that you cannot continue to grow if you stay in your current relationship does not mean that you have to fight about it. You do not have to create chaos or anger to speak your truth.


Instead, it can be done with love, to protect any remaining friendship or familial connections. It all depends on how you express yourself. In the coming month, there will be more love than anger, but that doesn't change the fact that you finally need to speak your truth.

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3. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20) 

Here's the edited version: 

Making the decision to transition out of a relationship is a process that cannot be rushed, no matter how many people around you may wonder why it's taking so long. Admitting the truth to yourself is the first and biggest step in this process, and it takes time. It's not easy to end a relationship, even in the unhealthiest of situations. There is often some sort of comfort or need being met, even if it is only that of an old wound. But you have been moving through this journey at the timing meant for you, regardless of what others might think. 


In the coming month, you will begin to see how all the pieces are coming together, allowing you to feel like you've made it to the other side of this healing journey. Perhaps you've been putting off breaking it off out of fear regarding living arrangements or have been moving through the divorce process, but things will start to seem easier now that you're finally seeing the full picture. The Taurus New Moon will help you feel secure enough to see the full truth of the situation, which might be as simple as your feelings or even uncovering a secret or deeper truth about your partner. The truth will finally come in, and this will be a relief as it will ground you in making your decision.

As Venus, the planet of love, shifts into Cancer, you will be reminded of what is truly important. While going through the process of ending your relationship is necessary, it can also feel like you're losing a part of yourself. However, when you take the time to return to what really matters to you and focus on the aspects of life that will remain intact even post-separation, you can feel more confident in finally settling the decision that has been weighing on your heart.

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4. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20) 


You find yourself at a crossroads in your romantic relationship, unsure of which direction it will take in the coming weeks. It's important to acknowledge this uncertainty and to stay true to yourself as you navigate it. The Taurus New Moon will help you to become more attuned to your inner voice, which will guide you toward your truth. It's natural to love being in a relationship and to want to bring happiness to your partner, but it's equally important to establish boundaries and communicate your needs. This is the only way to know if you are truly aligned with your partner.

Difficult conversations are an essential part of any relationship, and it's through these uncomfortable moments that we grow and deepen our connections. This is an opportunity to reflect on what you truly want from a relationship and to open up a space for discussion with your partner. Regardless of the outcome, this will allow for growth and clarity, which is crucial in any relationship.

While the future of your current relationship may be uncertain, there is hope on the horizon. With Venus returning to Cancer this month, there is a chance for more joy and happiness in your life, whether that be through growth in your current relationship or through the discovery of a new path. Stay true to yourself and trust that everything will work out as it should.

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