April 17, 2023 Love Horoscopes Are 'Luckiest In Love' For 3 Zodiac Signs

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luckiest of love on april 17, 2023, for 3 zodiac signs

Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on April 17, 2023, because of Moon conjunct Neptune. The Moon conjunct Neptune supports love and spirituality in very obvious ways. Sunday should be a good one for couples devoted to keeping their lives in order...spiritually. This doesn't necessarily relate to religion per se, but it certainly doesn't cancel it out.

We'll feel compassion today. That's par for the course with Moon conjunct Neptune. We feel for the person we are with and want them to know they are safe with us. We are not here to hurt them or lie to them. During Moon conjunct Neptune, that spiritual side kicks in the way of being truthful with the person we love. There are no sudden surprises today, nor are there any important withholds. We are upfront with our feelings and dedicated to putting the person we love before ourselves.

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April 17, 2023, affords us an intuitive glance at what's going on in our relationship. We can see things slightly clearer now, which brings about great healing. What we may not have understood at one point has the potential to be revealed on Sunday in ways that bring closure, healing and completion. Overall, this is a very good and positive day for Gemini, Virgo and Pisces, and we will go over this now.

Three zodiac signs luckiest in love on April 17, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You've always been in tune with the people in your life, be they friends, family members or romantic partners. Today, the concentration will mainly be on the love in your life. Because Moon conjunct Neptune will have you feeling exceptionally 'aware,' you will be able to see just how your compassion will help them heal from something in their lives that has bothered them.

This person has been dealing with something on their own for too long, and it will be on April 17, 2023, during the transit of Moon conjunct Neptune, that you decide you want to help them. They do not need to shoulder this alone; you are only too happy to assist them. While you will greatly help them today, you will also notice something else: you feel good when you help another. Your unselfish actions will gratify you in ways you did not expect.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You know how you can be a hard person to get along with sometimes, and you feel bad about that because even though you are conscious of it, you still take on guilt. Today, you will reserve all your harshness and opt for kindness and compassion because you realize that it's time for you to step out of the way because it seems your partner really needs you. They need you to pay attention to them, not because they're big babies but because they are in pain.

During Moon conjunct Neptune, you relinquish the spotlight and step aside, knowing that what's needed from you today, April 17, 2023, is kindness, not ego. This is where you come to know how much you really do love the person you are with. You stand aside so that the problem isn't about you; you let them have the floor, so they can heal without worrying about you and your reaction.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Healing is the name of the game today, as this is the day when you and your romantic partner come to terms with the past, and all it means to you. It's time to let go of old resentments, as this kind of petty behavior has really started to eat away at what you both know is a good thing, which is your relationship. During Moon conjunct Neptune, you will deeply feel how your partner is feeling, and they will assume your emotions as well.

Knowing what the other is going through allows you both the chance to nip it in the bud once and for all. On April 17, 2023, during the transit of Moon conjunct Neptune, you will both decide to let go of the sordid past to move into the future with love and compassion as your backbone.

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