The Luckiest Love Horoscopes For 3 Zodiac Signs On April 16, 2023

It's time to build each other up, and that's exactly what we will do with our loving relationships on Sunday.

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Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love on April 16, 2023, thanks to the Moon square Venus. While this aspect can bring on challenges, there is nothing we can't handle in love — and nothing that won't work to our advantage on Saturday. We ARE the champions, Taurus, Cancer, and Sagittarius, and we will feel it in gigantic ways.

Three zodiac signs may find that the people who mean the most to us suffer from a lack of self-worth and want to help them. We want to show we are there for them, and whatever they are going through, we will be there if they need us to guide them, be friends, partners...whatever they need. We want to show our partners that if they feel vulnerable, we are not judging them for their 'weakness.' Today can bring out our kindest nature, and we will share our best with the ones we love.




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While today comes with emotional turbulence, it will be in that display of raw emotion that we find ways to get even closer to the one we love. Vulnerability is the name of the game during Moon square Venus, and for three zodiac signs in astrology, we will be playing to win hearts. We will soothe away the pain, and we will come to know the true joy of giving. When we give all of ourselves, we receive love in return, a thousandfold.


3 Zodiac Signs Who Are the Luckiest in Love on April 16, 2023

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

When put to the test, you step up and pass every time. This refers to your reaction to the person you love when they are in pain. Your partner, your romantic mate, has been going through some highly emotional times recently.

While you want to help, you don't just want to satisfy them, even though you are happy to give them affection. During Moon square Venus, you will want to be more than just a shoulder to cry on. However, you will be a helper.

On April 16, 2023, you will share with your partner everything you've learned and everything that worked for you when you were down. You will rise to the challenge as they are not ready to receive your help, but you will show them you have the patience to stick with them through thick and thin. Your love is solid; you aren't going anywhere, and you will show them exactly what they mean to you today.


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2. Cancer

June 21 - July 22)

When it comes to building a person up, you are the best of the best, Cancer, and today will have you coming to the rescue of the person who interests you the most in the world right now: your romantic partner. You know that nobody is perfect, so you expect there will be days like this, and on April 16, 2023, the transit of Moon square Venus will help you help them.

They need you today, Cancer, which will trigger your desire to be good, helpful, and caring. This hits you where you live, and you want nothing more than to be there for the person who desperately needs your love. You are not only a loyal and faithful romantic partner, but you are also a beautiful and faithful friend, and you show up when you are needed.


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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

There is no such thing as YOU on this day, Sagittarius; there are only the needs of the person you love most. For this person, you are pure strength and stamina; you feel nothing but drive, and that focus goes to the healing and protection of the person in pain today. During Moon square Venus on April 16, 2023, you will become the ultimate warrior and not stop fighting until you see they are clear.


You are the mother bear, the samurai warrior, the Protector, and no matter what gender you are, no matter what the relationship you have with this person is, you will show yourself today as the one and the only person who will come to the rescue of the person who is in the most pain. Nothing prevents you from doing your duty, and during Moon square Venus, you must heal and save the person you love most.

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