Relationships Fall Apart For 4 Zodiac Signs During April 16 - 22, 2023

If love only lasts for a season, it is always for a reason.

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Do not try to make something last forever that you already know is not meant to be. You have done too much work to honor your truth, to build up a sense of self-worth and awareness about what healthy, amazing love to settle now. 

Of course, it is not easy to walk away, to envision a different life other than the one that feels so comfortable, but comfortable rarely equals amazing. It is time for you to believe something more exists. As you become inducted into the Eclipse Portal as the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs in Aries this week, you will feel a surge of self-empowerment




You again believe in yourself and recognize that no matter how you wish it were different, it is not, nor will it ever be. Because when you know in your heart that something is not meant for you forever — you have already reached the end of trying.  


Four zodiac signs fall out of love and end relationships April 16 – April 22, 2023:

1. Aries  

(March 21 - April 19) 

There isn’t anything new you’ll learn that will change your mind at this point. But there also isn’t anything that will make this easier for you. You know all you need to know about your feelings and what direction they call you to pursue. You have seen all the truth the universe will reveal to you, and while you have everything you need to decide, you are not meant to know how it will all turn out. You should let your faith lead you amid big life changes.

If you are not searching for guarantees, it will somehow make it all easier because there is no growth. You are supposed to leap into the unknown, for the only thing pushing you is an inner knowing that you are meant for more.

This week that leap becomes apparent as the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs and helps to push you forward in all the right ways. This is the second of two New Moons with your sign, except this one brings a strong energy of endings.


It is time: It is time to stop searching and trying to get the relationship to be something it is never meant to become. It does not mean it must be bad or horrible to justify your decision, so stop yourself from thinking it has to be. Instead, it can be the quiet truth that while part of your journey is not somewhere where you are meant to remain.

You are supposed to transition out of this relationship because it represents a phase of life that begins to wind down for you. You are supposed to transition out of the relationship because it represents a phase of life that begins to wind down. Own your internal power. Return to trusting your instincts and your truth because that is the only guarantee that you will ever need.  

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2. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 


Every relationship goes through different cycles, but when you become stuck in one, you know it may be time to transition out of it. You’ve been hopeful that things could work. Maybe if you gave it enough time or attention, bending yourself unnaturally, you could make this union work. Understandably, you don’t want to have to start over in love; after all, no one does, but you also create blocks for yourself by not moving on from something you’ve outgrown.

You had wanted to do things differently and to have this adult relationship you always longed for, so you told yourself all the sacrifices and twisting you did were naturally a part of it. You second-guessed yourself and thought it was just that you tend to end things too quickly. But you keep returning to the same space repeatedly. You enter a period where romance is not the main priority.

Let the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse help you return to the truth. Let it soak into your soul and recognize the reason you have been feeling pulled towards other relationships is not a phase but the clarity you have been chasing. While a romantic relationship can be incredible, it should never detract from the incredibleness you already feel.

Your relationship should never drag down the rest of your life because what you hope for will change, even if it is not. The truth is all around you. It is okay to be unapologetic about preferring to be single rather than continue to invest time and energy in something that is not what you want or need anymore. Let yourself cut ties this week and experience the freedom you desire.


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3. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

Not every relationship is meant to remain with you for your entire life. Sometimes it is, but at other times, they are only to be with you during certain parts of your journey. You may have felt like you were on the verge of the unknown. Unsure whether the relationship you were in would withstand the new experiences you seek out and cultivate within your life. You have given yourself time to see if your partner and relationship could adjust and grow along with you. But this week, you may find that no matter how much you hope to be able to keep this relationship, it may not be in the cards.

You do not have to decide this week or even feel like you need to rush acting, though if you do receive that intuitive hit, you are meant to say something; you should listen. Instead of drastic action, though, it may feel like a slow realization is coming together regarding the previous purpose of your relationship and the truth that it may not be a part of your future.


Any relationship themes in your life are always challenging because they provide you with a sense of security and even, at times, part of your identity. But all of this is shifting for you already as you take more risks in discovering who you truly are and what you want from life.

Being your own person does not mean you will not receive love; it means you will not need a relationship any longer to fill in any spaces you are lacking because you are able to do that for yourself. Sometimes for various parts of the journey, you must travel alone because you deserve once to have it all about you.  

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4. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 


You have always known you were different, but you often do not give yourself credit for what that means. You tend to take it as a negative instead of a positive it is. When you truly let yourself understand what you bring to the table of life, then you start to get more selective about who joins you.

This week, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries gives you a giant boost to your self-worth and helps you utterly understand what it means to operate from this place. When you inherently understand your worth, you no longer need to make others love. You cease trying to cut pieces of yourself to be more manageable or easier to take. Stop making yourself small when you were born to be big. You were born to take up space, to be yourself and to make a difference in the world that, in your heart, you know you are meant to.

It is never easy to feel like you suddenly wake up only to see that your relationship does not honor your self-worth but perpetuates your wounds. But this realization is part of growth. You recognize that you cannot help everyone, you cannot change things, and ultimately if you have advocated for yourself in what it is you know you need, and your partner continually falls short, then it is not your issue to carry. But along with this boost to self-worth comes the understanding that you cannot keep putting in all the effort and not receive a balanced amount back.

No matter how giving you are, you will always feel empty if your relationship is not reciprocal. As much as you love being in a relationship, it is better to be alone than with a partner that drains you.


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