3 Zodiac Signs Have 'Difficult Energy' On April 5, 2023, During Mercury Square Mars

Tension to the maximum degree.

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OK, on April 5. 2023, we have a doozy of a transit lined up today, and for some of us, this might not be easy. Three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes, especially because are looking at Mercury sextile Saturn, and while there's much to be gained from this transit, that 'gain' may happen the hard way, so to speak. In other words, whatever we get out of this day, we pay for...in bold, sweat and tears. Well, maybe not 'blood,' but you get the point.


What we are really dealing with today is the idea of great opportunities and what we do with them. What makes this day ever so dangerous is that we may not constructively use our grand opportunities; this is a great day for self-sabotage, and we need to be very careful about the choices we make on this day during the transit of Mercury sextile Saturn. Because Saturn comes with discipline, organization and practicality, we'd automatically think that we have it made in the shade, but with Mercury in sextile, so much can go off track that we will need to be extra vigilant of decision-making.





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Three zodiac signs will have zero patience for how things progress on this day and feel stifled and upset by the day's pacing. There's a definite 'process' that must occur, a kind of 'due diligence' that must happen, and in our hubris, we may think we can bypass the rules to get where we believe we need to be. That's where Mercury sextile Saturn shows its power: it won't let anyone get a free ride. In other words, you must work for it if you want it. No freebies, no breaks.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on April 5, 2023:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)


Being told to hang on and wait is so NOT your cup of tea, Gemini, and even though you are well aware that you can't have the instant gratification you want on April 5, 2023, that doesn't mean you won't try anyway. Thwarted for your efforts; you may think about giving up, but then again, how can you, as the opportunities seem to be flowing in your direction? This means that during the transit of Mercury sextile Saturn, everything will go your way...just not at the pace you enjoy. You aren't happy with the idea of knowing what's to come in a 'few days from now', and yet, that's the only kind of answer you'll be getting today. So, basically, the news is all good, but you won't know until...you know for sure. Your patience will be thread-thin today, and this could lead to overthinking and neurosis.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

The disciplined energy of Saturn can and will clash with your love of freedom, as you really do not want to be told what to do...ever. During Mercury sextile Saturn, you will have to restrain yourself from saying something harsh to someone who is in the position of granting you an extraordinary opportunity. Because you are not fond of how they are repenting information to you, you might end up ruining something for yourself. 


You want what they have to offer. You just wish they'd speed it up already, and your patience is wearing thin. You are aware of the process and don't care for it, as you feel things should run faster than they are presently doing. What this day holds in store for you is frustration, and even though the outcome is completely positive, you may end up blowing it simply because you can't hang on long enough to wait for the results.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


What bugs you the most about this day, April 5, 2023, during the restrictive transit of Mercury sextile Saturn, is that you are almost swallowed up by your own self-doubt today. It's as if you can't stop second-guessing yourself, and that not only feels bad, it makes it so that when you finally DO get the good news, you can't appreciate it as much. What you'll find happens on this day, during Mercury sextile Saturn, is that you might not speak up for yourself, which could lead to drastic and negative results. This day requires you to act, to speak up, and if self-doubt cripples you in the way you might let it, then you will most definitely miss out on a primo opportunity. Do not let self-doubt get in your way today, Libra. Stand up for yourself. Fight!

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