3 Zodiac Signs 'Feel Needier Than Usual' On March 31, 2023

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zodiac signs with rough horoscopes march 31, 2023

Today, March 31, 2023, brings us the transit of the Moon in Leo, and that may be what pushes us over the edge today. While this is basically a very positive aspect, it can take certain signs of the Zodiac, namely Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius, into the realm of 'attention-seeker', and as we all know, this is dangerous territory, mainly if we don't receive the attention we crave. What flips this transit on its head for those signs is that we who are affected by the Moon in Leo believe we are well-intended. When we don't get the reactions we are looking for, we may end up feeling down or dejected.

This is the kind of day where we intend for great things, but someone either doesn't understand our intentions or they undermine our efforts. This could be unconscious on their part as well, which throws everything into confusion. We set out to do a good thing, and someone thwarts our efforts simply because they didn't know we were there or that what we want is important to us.



It's a day of creativity as well, and we may want the kudos that come along with the completion of a project. We wanted to hear our friends and loved ones tell us that we've done a good job — and we will do very good jobs at whatever it is we set out to do; however, the main crux of the day is that nobody will notice. We need to be mindful of our egos on this day and avoid becoming overly self-centered or demanding.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on March 31, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

While today is mostly a very positive day for you, you may end up being the one who pats your own self on the back for a job well done. That's generally OK for you, as you don't mind doing the work that is needed; what you might not like is that you won't get the credit you deserve for the hard work you put in. This could upset you, as the Leo Moon somewhat stirs up your ego. What's good about this day is that it lets you know that you can personally endure not being paid attention to; it's all OK by you, and in a way, it elevates you spiritually. You may have started out the day with the intention of bringing in kudos and praise, but when you notice that nobody really cares or is looking, you adapt easily to that state of mind as well. The Moon in Leo leaves you feeling 'neutral.' You aren't going to let today's lack of attention get to you.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

What today, March 31, 2023, brings you, Scorpio, is a renewed determination to finish a project you've been working on. You aren't fond of the idea that March is at its close, and you wish you were able to have completed something before this date; however, it is what it is, and you may have to concede to the idea that you'll continue on with the same thing in April. What becomes noticeable to you during the Leo Moon is that you are not a super-person and that you let your ego get in the way of your own personal progress over the last month. This means that you listened to the naysayers and you let them influence you. You know now how to approach the up-and-coming month of April: stay on track, keep the course, and do not let yourself be swayed 'just to prove a point.'

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

Moon in Leo has an interesting influence on you, Aquarius, as it seems to rev up your engines so that you can share with the world something that you've discovered. You are ordinarily not a show-off, but you are brilliant, and your ideas take time to stew, so to speak. So, when you finally get your thoughts together and you realize that what you have to offer can benefit others, as it will become obvious today during the Leo Moon, you will want to express those thoughts.

What irks you is that it seems that everyone has their own thing today and that nobody is really all that interested in you or your grand revelations. Do not let this stop you from furthering your knowledge; today is just another day in life, and it would be best if you don't take the lack of interest in yourself personally. Remember this life lesson: everybody on Earth is living in their own world.

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