3 Content Zodiac Signs Feel 'Luckiest In Love' On March 31, 2023

When the heart is full, everything falls into place.

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It's a feel-good day in general, as the month of March ends on this day, the 31st. What adds to our good humor and sense of positivity is that we have the transit 'Sun trine Moon' hovering overhead, which instills a well-needed feeling of balance. We feel as though we've concluded another chapter and that the book we just lived through, though having its ups and downs, left us satisfied. The book of our lives in March of 2023 is now coming to a close; honestly, all we feel is relief and contentment.


For Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius zodiac signs, we may notice a positive change in how we relate to the person we are in a romantic relationship with. We're not as hellbent on proving ourselves because it seems that whatever we needed to convince them of happened already, and now that we can see our behavior clearly, we can also know that it worked. Everything worked out, and here we are, living the results. Today feels good, and that is because of the inner peace that accompanies us throughout the day.

One of the main reasons we feel so good about our partners and our lives with them is that we feel unthreatened and content with ourselves. We're not knocking ourselves down or trying too hard; we have let go of much and are now a more refined version of ourselves. This purity lets us feel the love in our lives clearly and lets us feel generous with how we give love to others.


The three zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on March 31, 2023:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Today brings you everything you've wanted and more, but this is mostly true because on March 31, 2023, you want very little, and what you crave is not only possible but simple and positive. You and the person you love will experience a kind of harmony on this day as you, yourself, feel very little other than peace and contentment. You can be yourself, and you will show the person you are with that you are calm, collected and stable.

You've seen some harsher times over this last month, and you don't like your reactions...you've wanted to do some inner work and now that March is coming to its conclusion, you, too, feel as though you've concluded something — mentally and emotionally. You may not be jumping up and down for joy on this day, but who needs to jump? You are content to hold hands and enjoy your romantic good fortune.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

What March 31 brings is the gift of Sun trine Moon and how it affects your personal life in so much as it shows you that you are supported in your thinking, your love and your ideas for the future. You are with someone very much into the idea of standing together as one. While you've always clamored to be known as an individual, set apart from everyone else, including your romantic partner, today's transit seems to mellow you out. This mellowing feels divine; you suddenly realize there is no reason to demand the attention of 'be number one.' You are happy with your life and your partner, and during Sun trine Moon, you're not too concerned with finding fault in anything. Today brings you a feeling of contentment and peace.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


What makes you and your partner happiest on this day, March 31, 2023, during Sun trine Moon, is that you seem to ebb and flow with each other's ideas. If you don't like something, you mention it, and it is done; no problems occur, and no pain is instilled. If your partner wants to introduce a new idea to you, you flow with it; you give them the benefit of the doubt, and you allow them their space. The two of you will enjoy this day immensely because you finally 'feel' each other, which comes with new respect. You are more interested in what they have to say today than you are in stating some grand concept that you've been cooking up in your head. You are gregarious and open today, Sagittarius, and it not only suits you but it also benefits you in the long run. Today is the day you can successfully say you are in a good and stable relationship.

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