6 Meditative Zodiac Signs With Focused Minds

Mindfulness offers them a sense of pure joy.

6 Meditative Zodiac Signs With Focused Minds getty

In astrology, the idea of being one of the meditative zodiac signs sounds divine. Taking time out to reflect, to allow calm in one's life, to be able to seek balance in the midst of great chaos — now, that's the life for me!

We've all heard that meditation is this great thing and that we should all try it at least once. Where we start to stumble is in our knowledge of what meditation is.

What is meditation?

Many think it's about closing your eyes and sitting in lotus position, waiting for some kind of peaceful enlightenment to overcome us and set us free. Others think meditation is about clearing one's mind from thoughts, which it is; however, many people grow frustrated within minutes of their first meditation. Why? Because nothing happens.


But it's more than nothing — it's the waiting for something to happen, the consciousness that comes into the meditation and basically ruins it.

For what is meditation but the practice of "no thought"? And we can't have thoughts of, "Why isn't this working?" disturbing our efforts. People leave meditation practices way before they reap the benefits. Once it becomes a "task," it becomes that which most people don't have the time or energy for. 

On the other hand, there are people who are born for this task, and meditation is not only something they wish to attain, but they are naturally cut out for it. Some of us are naturally meditative, and so much of that depends on what sign we are.


So, which zodiac signs are the most meditative?

1. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Anything that allows Sagittarius to go off on their own, in peace, is a natural step for this sign. They love peace and quiet, and even more than that, they love to shut down.

Sagittarius makes a practice of meditation, not just a momentary fad. It's Sagittarius who will book the trip to India so they can go full-blown ascetic on the mountain. They don't just intend to meditate — they intend to merge with the absolute. Jupiter and beyond!


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2. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Being a nervous wreck naturally, Taurus seeks balance in whatever way they can find it. After doing the drugs, taking the drinks and abusing their bodies to the point of self-destruction, Taurus seriously wants an end to the insanity. When they bring meditation into their lives, their lives change instantly.

Taurus does not want to fail, and meditation is very easy to fail at. Alas, this sign will do the work, take the steps and do what's needed in order for them to discover a path of peace. A naturally passionate sign, they also know when it's time to dial it down, and meditation makes great sense to them.


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3. CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer loves to involve themselves in all manner of meditative practices, including silent prayer and social gatherings for the purpose of peaceful exchange. Their homebody nature covers much ground; they are the folks who spend time on health retreats, in ashrams and on temple grounds, all for the purpose of finding a peaceful spot to remain in.

This sign is welcoming and easy going, and often times they will become the meditation instructor for a class of balance-seekers. They take their meditation seriously; this is their private alone time, where they detox from the poisons of worldly life.


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4. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

You don't get to be as successful as a Capricorn without living a balanced and organized life. Such is the life of a Capricorn, and for all of their great ability to lead and create successful endeavors, they are completely aware of what it takes to live successfully as a successful person, and that means down time and meditation.

Capricorn has a lot on their plate, and they know the only way they can get the job done is by consciously retreating from the frantic ways of the world. Capricorn sets aside time for meditation and exercise; if it's healthy for them, they will sign up. Capricorn is a meditative person because they have self-love and self-esteem.


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5. LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo is quite goal-oriented, and while it's hard to think a Leo would be interested in anything introspective (as opposed to pure exhibitionism), they truly do crave the peace that meditation gives them. Not to mention that they want to do it right — and meditation is hard to get right.

They may not be able to put aside their ego ("I'm the best meditator!"), but it's that very ego that drives them to do it properly, and that might mean accouterments. The perfect incense, the golden threaded pillow, the most expensive prayer blanket — they figure, why not find inner peace in perfect style? And truly, why not?


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6. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries believes in the peace that lies within, and they are mentally strong enough to go after it. Aries likes a challenge, and meditation is truly a challenge, when done successfully.

They know that a balanced life is all they have, and they are fully aware that if they are to keep up the level of ferocity and passion they have in their every day life, they must balance that emotional output by practicing meditation. Aries is a goal-oriented sign, and when they go for inner peace, it's all or nothing at all.

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