3 Zodiac Signs With Rough 'Springtime' Horoscopes April 2023

April showers bring May flowers, right?

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There's a rough edge that comes with the month of April, and for three zodiac signs, Springtime is rough. Everything is moving in the right direction for success and achievement, but we have a few downfalls. The Sun is in Aries, so we will 'butt heads' with people simply because we won't be able to compromise.

We start the month with Mercury in Taurus alongside Mercury square Pluto, so we already know this month starts on the wrong foot. Hard-headed personalities like Aries and Leo may find that because there are so many obstacles right at the top (old memories, past hurts...), they may want to defend themselves against people they believe to be on 'the opposing team.' This sense of polarity rides with us throughout the month, and zodiac signs like Capricorn will take on the emotional toil that comes with obstacles that cannot be breached.




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The month has a little more fight than anyone would want for these three zodiac signs. We will see disturbances in our love lives that have very little to do with our actual relationships, thanks to the odd but ironic presence of Black Moon Lilith, transiting three times during the second and third week of April. What puts a damper on this month for Aries, Leo, and Capricorn is this nagging feeling that we can't heal from long-gone wounds. It's a matter of trying, of putting in real effort. What will bring us down is constantly complaining; what will raise us is action, acceptance and a brainy plan.


Three zodiac signs with rough Springtime horoscopes in April 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Finding out you were wrong about something not only doesn't sit well with you, but it also irritates you, and in your defense, you will end up taking it out on the people you love and care for. While April is chock full of Mercury-related transits, you will use your communication flare to tell certain people off under the guise of 'this is for your good.' April has you in hot water simply because you can't accept defeat, which is typical of your zodiac sign.

The defeat, however, is minute, yet the scale matters not to you. If you have been caught in a lie, or if you've tried to manipulate someone into 'buying whatever you're selling' you may come up against some truth-tellers who want nothing to do with your product. April also has you coming into contact with some strong Lilith energy, which could put you at odds with your children, if you have any, or with family members. Prepare to go toe-to-toe with someone you love, as this will be a knock-down, dragged-out situation.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Because you honestly believe that you are fighting the good fight, no matter what 'side' you're on, you will also find that fighting is tiring and that you, Leo, are exhausted from keeping up appearances. You want people in your life to fear you, not necessarily to back away completely, but there are times when you don't know when to draw the line, and for the sake of your pride, you tend to take things way too far.

Before Taurus season hits us, you will make a blunder that you will instantly regret, and you will lose a true friend in the deal. This is where your pride starts to hurt you because you won't be able to admit that you went too far, and you'll gather troops to make yourself feel justified. April brings bad decision-making and the loss of someone who trusted you...and it will hurt, Leo. It will hurt. Pride does that.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

During the many Mercury transits of April 2023, you can say what's on your mind. Because you are coming from a place of hurt and heartbreak, you may make things worse simply because you have become 'too' defensive. You may find that Lilith's energy mixed with so much Venus influence, stirs things up in your home life, making your romantic relationship almost unbreakable to you.

You will feel stuck and in a rut; it's as if you are covered in thick oil and cannot move unless it's to voice misery or a severe complaint against your partner. Work doesn't feel like the escape you want it to be any longer, and you know you have serious work to do on your mental state. It's time to take a personal sanity break, Capricorn. Please, take care of your health.


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