March 20 - 26, 2023, Relationships Get Better For 4 Zodiac Signs

This is the week you have been waiting for.

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This week, monumental shifts will genuinely change the course of your life and romantic relationship. As a result, relationships get better for four zodiac signs, March 20 - 26, 2023. Here's where things improve for life, love, and romance. Often, it is easy to get excited about a specific transit like Venus shifting into Taurus as it did last week and the changes it will bring, but that does not mean it is guaranteed to change your life. But a planet transiting into a zodiac sign that no one alive today has ever witnessed? That absolutely carries within its life-changing energy, especially when it is a powerful planet like Pluto.


Pluto is technically referred to as a dwarf planet because while it carries extreme importance, it does not host its orbital force, which would make it a traditional planet. But Pluto does not know it has been downgraded to a dwarf planet and still represents important eras within your life — and relationships. Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld. This planet brings what was done in the darkness back into the light. It uncovers secrets, exposes truths, and helps you excavate more of your unconscious to operate from a greater and higher awareness. Since 2008, it has been moving through Capricorn, during which you have had time to reflect on and become aware of the obligations and structures within your life so that you could slowly and carefully dismantle what was only preventing you from being your authentic self and living your truth.


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Now, as it shifts to Aquarius, you are ready for the next phase of what it means to learn, grow, and step into the challenge of living a life that you love. This week is when you will start to kick off what you will focus on for the next twenty years. And while you have been waiting for this — the truth is the universe has been waiting for you.

Four zodiac signs whose relationships improve March 20 – March 26, 2023:

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


You have seen a turnaround in the romance department. You've learned about self-worth and are now ready for a new relationship based on what you have learned. This may even be your first reciprocal, healthy relationship or at least the first one you have advocated for your needs. This wave of growth helped you take a new step within your romantic relationship. For you, it is not that you have needed things to improve within your love life, but you have been on edge about whether you can trust this new growth. This week the Aries New Moon, the first of two, lights up your life and heart with greater trust for where you are.

The universe can only do so much; the rest will always be on you. Only you can accept and receive how different things are right now. It is only yours to dive into greater trust within your relationship so that you let yourself be happy instead of staying in the cycle of lack. Use this New Moon this week to genuinely let yourself embrace this new beginning and all the happiness you currently are experiencing.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


This is an interesting week ahead, especially if you have recently learned an important romantic lesson. Since the end of August 2022, Mars has been moving through your romantic sector. While Mars moved through this area, you have felt inhibited or restricted over making decisions in this part of your life. You paused more and even had to spend some time reflecting on how and why you make the choices you make in your relationships. But there was an important lesson in it for you. You will step into your new transformation phase if you have given this piece of your life the necessary time and left behind your past lessons.

During the same time, the New Moon in Aries, the first of two in a row, gives you a bright new beginning with joy and creativity and perhaps marriage, commitment, and children. Auspiciously, Saturn has just moved into Pisces, the zodiac sign that rules home and family. Everything is set in your life for things to improve and for a new beginning Sagittarius. If you have learned your Mars in Gemini lessons about choices, specifically those between ego and soul in love, then this is a time when you will be able to step into greater commitment and joy in your romantic life.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)


Improving does not always mean staying together; sometimes, it means finally reaching a place of peace within your life. This week, your romantic and home life improves, but it just may be that you will need a little more time to understand the blessings coming your way fully. You will see changes in multiple areas of your life which will undoubtedly bring both beginnings and endings. The most major transformation will be living according to the rules and standards of others to your authentic desires and energy. Pluto has been helping you dismantle those situations and even relationships in your life that were a part of the obligation phase of your life. Now you are heading into unfamiliar territory. The space where you believe you can be fully happy and live according to your truth. But even with this transition already likely in place, you are still in space to see some positive turnarounds as Mars, the planet of passion and intimacy, activates your romantic relationships.

During this time, you can carry softer energy and harness a greater emotional vulnerability to benefit your romantic connection. Adding to this shift of improvement, the New Moon in Aries can give you that new beginning within your home and committed relationship, which may be of benefit after some rocky moments the past month. Use this week to set intentions for the next six months based on your dreams and desires, trusting that you deserve this kind of love.

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4. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


You to relax into your romantic connection and practice vulnerability and romance by being yourself. Since August 2022, Mars, the planet of action and passion, has worked on healing, family and home matters. As a result, you reevaluated what 'home' means, went through some healing and established a more secure romantic connection. As Mars prepares to shift into Cancer, expect to experience more joy, commitment, and even the possibility of expanding your family. As Cancer represents the home, family and even motherhood, there could be more focus on creating and deepening these themes in your life.

Emotional connection becomes key, especially in your relationship. Intensifying this, Ceres, the dwarf planet which rules nourishment, self-care and support, is shifting into Virgo, your polarizing sign and ruler of your seventh house. This is all about romantic relationships, and this time will affect how you show up for your partner and how they show up for you. It should feel like greater stability and commitment are coming this week, allowing you to feel emotionally safer. This is what grows relationships and luck for you; this is a prime time to do that precisely.

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