3 Zodiac Signs With 'Lucky In Love' Horoscopes On Monday, March 6, 2023

When it's right, you just know.

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For today's horoscope, we are fortunate that the transit Sun sextile Uranus is here, and it will have an extraordinary effect on three zodiac signs. If you've ever felt inhibited about your body or what you believe in, March 6 will open you to a new way of thinking

Uranus energy can be an outstanding source of positivity if used correctly; honestly, the 'correct' way, in this case, is to accept it. And in accepting the energy, we begin to accept ourselves.




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We are no longer content to sit in self-about, and this day cracks the mirror into a thousand shards. We will realize that all this self-hate, or self-doubt, has been useless. During Sun sextile Uranus, we may even fall in love with ourselves! This transit provides us with both sides of the story, meaning that if we've always believed that we were unworthy, today is the day we consider that maybe that's only half the story.


For zodiac signs, this day marks the beginning of our new life. We may not have seen it coming, but the healing energy entering our lives is real and phenomenal. What's different about today is that we want to accept all the good we suspect, whether ours is for the taking. We want to be happy, and on March 6, 2023, we will see this as probable. Yay, for us!

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The zodiac signs with lucky in love horoscopes on March 6, 2023:

1. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

What makes you feel very good about life and love on this day, March 6, 2023, is that you no longer need to hide from your partner. Not that you were ever in the closet with your feelings, but the energy provided by Sun sextile Uranus makes you feel less inhibited and more 'ready to rumble.'


You want to engage in deep conversations with the person you are with and are fully interested in expanding your mind. You've got some exciting ideas in your head, and you'd love to share them because you finally feel safe around your person to let it all hang out.

Today makes you smile, and while you might not be rolling around on the floor laughing, you will certainly feel lucky and happy with the state of your romance.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

What makes your day so extra special is that you're not the only one who wants to get a little crazy or excessive; you seem to have fully engaged the person you are with, and they are highly inspired by your joie-de-vivre. Your lack of inhibition, on this day, during Sun sextile Uranus, inspired your partner to want to let you in on all of their secrets.


The fun part is that this wacky enthusiasm can only make your relationship good.

Nobody is hurting anyone during sun sextile Uranus, and you might even find that what you learn about your partner today is something you want to expand upon in the future. Today makes you feel hopeful; it lets you know that you have found someone very much like you and suits you just fine.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

During Sun sextile Uranus, on March 6, you will feel very much like yourself, making the person you are with feel all the more comfortable with you. It is Pisces season, after all, and during a transit like Sun sextile Uranus, it's as if you've been given a double-whammy of happiness.


You feel free and creative today, which may also lead to a shared experience of creative freedom with the person you love.

If cooking is your thing, the two of you may chef yourselves into a serious creative expression; get ready to eat, drink, dance and laugh. Nothing is serious today, and everything is free. You will feel immense gratitude for being this lucky as things seem like they will work out for you. Have fun, live the life!

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