The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On March 2, 2023

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zodiac signs who are the luckiest in love march 2 2023

We are in for a treat today, zodiac signs, as many of us will notice what we might only be able to call an 'upgrade' in our love lives. Is it just possible that we've started to catch on to what makes a romance last?

It most certainly is, and on March 2, 2023, three zodiac signs will come to know just how fortunate we are during the transit known as Mercury in Pisces. If we allow the truth in, we will know that the truth is all about communication. Without proper, open and honest communication, love relationships are destined to fail.

As Mercury enters Pisces, we not only learn how to open our mouths to speak up on the topics that concern us, we learn how to do it with finesse, style and compassion. This isn't about blurting our way to the top; it's about consideration and calm.

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During Mercury in Pisces, we want our relationships to grow and expand and aim to do this with a soft touch. We're not breaking down the doors to get what we want. We're thrilled to let the other person take the floor, so to speak. We want to hear what they have to say as much as we want to express our feelings.

And feelings will be expressed today, as Pisces energy is all about emotion and depth. During this time, for those of us who haven't been brave enough to say that 'one thing' that's been eating at us, this is the big break; it's time to get closer, and it's time to do it with right, words that lead to right action. All of this spells one heckuva lucky day in love.

During Mercury in Pisces, these three zodiac signs are the luckiest in love on March 2, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Mercury in Pisces brings the opportunity to you and your partner, and you gobble this chance up because you've needed something in your relationship and on March 1, you'll jump at the chance to finally share what's on your mind.

You may be madly in love, and you want to trust that love completely, yet, you are a Taurus, and trust comes hard to you. That's why this day will bring you such good fortune, because during Mercury in Pisces, speaking one's true feelings, no matter how vulnerable they may make a person, is done in a safe space.

You are totally supported by the universe, Taurus, and things will go your way. What you might not be expecting, however, is your partner's reaction, which will be nothing short of gleeful and exuberant. This is someone who really does love you. Nice!

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You never thought you'd ever find someone as awesome as the person you now call your partner, and during Mercury in Pisces, you'll not only want to treat them like they are a highly valued jewel, you'll want to express your love in words.

Actions are what you do best, and you've wanted to tell your sweetie how you feel, in words, though you've never felt you could put those words together in one adoring sentence.

The power of communication that comes along with Mercury in Pisces is exactly what will give you both inspiration, and the words themselves, today, on March 2, 2023. You will stun the person you love by saying the absolute right thing at the right time, and as the day progresses, you'll come to know this 'communication thing' as the magic charm in your relationship.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

It's March 2, and you are ready to start your 'new life.' What's meant by this is that you have known for months now that you need to change certain things in your life, mainly the bits of your personality that tend to be a tad caustic.

You don't even mean half the things you say, but you've hurt your partner by being so flippant, and now, during Mercury in Pisces, you feel like you are ready to give it all you've got in love.

And the great part is that it comes naturally to you, Virgo. Who knew? You are actually quite the softy, and when you believe in yourself, you find that you're a super loving, super amiable person...and your partner is going to notice the change in you, as well.

You are doing it all for them, anyway, but you can't help but feel good about yourself while you're there. It's a good luck day for you and yours.

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