The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships Starting February 27 - March 5, 2023

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The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Out Of Love & End Relationships This Week, February 27 - March 5, 2023

This week, the First Quarter Moon takes place in the zodiac sign of Gemini, which speaks to the South and North Node. The Nodes of Fate remind us that no matter what happens in life, some things are destined to be, and others are not.

Where the First Quarter Moon takes place, we get a taste of Mars's angry and passionate energy and realize subconsciously that the astrological guards will change soon.  It's time to begin a new month and end an era

February is a short month. The first week of March feels the energy of future dramatic shifts in the universe. Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7 for the next two years, and then, in March, Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23, ending its fifteen-year reign in Capricorn. Still, it will retrograde back into Capricorn and Aquarius later this year.

Even though we have a few more weeks of Mars in Gemini, we can feel the changes about to take place toward the end of this month with the red planet too.

Mars enters Cancer on March 25 after its seven-month stay in Gemini.

So, March is a big month for love. It's the start of spring, and one full of big changes for four zodiac signs.

A new month like March will urge relationships to a breaking point where they can no longer be ignored.

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This is the new lens that healing has allowed you to have, and whether it is because you have outgrown your relationship or even that outdated version of yourself, it is time to align with your growth.

The year ahead is one of healing and will have far-reaching results within your romantic life, but to truly embrace the possibilities, you must first create space.

Many relationships on the rocks for the past few years will finally end in the coming month.

Endings are often seen as sad, something to mourn, especially concerning love, but it is time to change that mindset.

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These endings are divinely orchestrated and represent not just a lesson learned or deeper healing but truly the end of an era, which means a new one is right around the corner.

Here are the four zodiac signs who will fall out of love and end relationships for the next seven days.

Starting February 27 through March 5, 2023.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Life is genuinely like a spiral. You will continually return to the same spaces to eventually see them in a new light. This week the First Quarter Moon occurs within your sign, which serves as a reminder that you need to start honoring yourself more deeply.

While you may need a bit more time to make this important relationship decision, Mars is only in your zodiac sign for a few more weeks, so it is important to recognize the difference between divine timing and procrastination. You will not learn or see any new information at a certain point.

Sometimes it is not about a new detail that will make it any easier but recognizing that you have all the information necessary to decide — you must make it.

This has been an ongoing theme within your romantic life since the end of last summer. You know the truth, and at this point, you even know which way you will decide; it is just a matter of not trusting yourself as deeply as you should. The recent stellium in Aries brought the focus back to your friends and social circle, a place that brings much meaning to your life. With so much happening in that sector, ensure you do not avoid facing what is happening at home or just in your heart.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Pisces is your polarizing or complimentary sign representing traits and characteristics that help you move into greater balance with yourself and your romantic relationship.

Often, a planetary activity within your sister sign, Pisces in your case, means a positive shift is coming. But, at others, it can provide more challenges than benefits which is the case with Mercury shifting into Pisces.

Mercury is known as the master of the mind; it rules both thoughts and communication and is most at home within your sign or Gemini. This effect is because of its logical, pragmatic, and quick wit; it tends to deal better with the details of life rather than the theoretical. While Mercury is in Pisces, conversations may turn more towards a romantic nature, but they will be incredibly challenging.

Even if you try to practice vulnerability and compassion, you could be left feeling like you do not understand what your partner is trying to say. If they have any heavy Pisces placements, this will magnify. Pisces helps you drop into your heart, but they often lack the logic you seek.

Interestingly, in this case, it feels as if Mercury in Pisces becomes too emotional for you and creates conflict even if none exists. While it can spell disaster for any relationship, it does not have to if you can practice patience, knowing that by the middle of March, the energy will change and a more positive outcome for your relationship.

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3. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You have already been entangled in the battle of whether your romantic relationship will be able to grow with you into the next level of your life. Still, this week the answer becomes clear as Pluto crosses over the final degree of Capricorn as it unites with Saturn in Aquarius.

Capricorn is your sister sign and the one that governs your romantic sector, so whenever there is planetary activity there, it will either add benefits or create challenges to your relationships depending on the energy present. In this case, Pluto is the lord of the underworld.

Pluto is a planet known for transformation but also for truth. Capricorn has been breaking apart the structures of your life that have restricted your growth or process. It does not mean it is always easy or welcomed, but Pluto in Capricorn is about taking apart what is not working, even if it is that relationship that once seemed so comfortable.

As Pluto wraps up its time in Capricorn this year, you will start to finish the lesson associated with this transit. It may not be a straightforward answer, but clarity is starting to arrive. All you can do is try to accept it instead of wishing it were different.

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4. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

What seems so interesting about the week ahead for you is that instead of it being about a relationship, you are preparing to say goodbye to a certain chapter of your life. How you think about relationships is what you end up living as your reality.

In the past few years, you have gone through some dramatic transformations reflecting on what constitutes love and a relationship. It also lets you explore what you need from a connection.

Planets represent people. Therefore, Saturn in Aquarius is a symbol of your romantic relationships. Saturn teaches some lessons, but most of all, it helps you focus on what you deserve and what you need to change within yourself and your life to receive that.

Saturn in Aquarius has been helping you learn romantic lessons to get a fresh start and a new beginning. As it moves into Pisces, it represents you taking a leap of faith to build greater intimacy and connection with a partner. Whether it is a new love or simply revisiting an old one with a new perspective, this week is more about what ends within yourself so that you can move more openly toward love.

Do not fear giving up the views or beliefs that have only kept love away. When you realize that what you deserve the most is happiness, you will be amazed at how simple it becomes to make decisions.

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