The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Fall in love whenever you can – but take your brain with you.

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Today is all about basking in the love light, a carryover from yesterday’s holiday, but also the result of Venus and Neptune converging together in the sky.

The energy at the start of this week was romantic and soft for the three zodiac signs who have the best horoscopes, helping each to see things in the best possible light and to lean into your emotional self.

Now, even though Valentine’s Day has passed, the romantic energies peak today under the influence of Veus and Neptune in Pisces.


Venus is the planet of love and ruler of relationships while Neptune rules dreams, fantasies, hope and unconditional love.

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Venus is the reality of relationships, but Neptune is just a dream. Together they merge, acting as almost one energy, in the romantic waters of Pisces.

Pisces is the ruling sign for Neptune, and Venus is exalted here, meaning it is a beneficial place for the planet of love, so the energy is intensified.

Venus and Neptune together help you see your romantic partner in the best possible light, even if it means you are wearing rose colored glasses.


This is not always a negative though. There is no partner, current or prospective, that will be perfect. Everyone has their flaws and their own lessons.

But love helps these three zodiac signs who have a grat day see the reasons why you should not care for someone, but why you already do.

Wearing rose-colored glasses can help you reflect more on the value or benefit that this person has to your life and even just simply to your heart.


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The only problem that this can create is when you only focus on the positive, instead look at the whole qualities of your partner; observe on the parts that make the relationship more challenging, and then reflect on all the ways that contribute to you being loved well.

In any relationship it is about deciding if the challenges are worth the benefits, whether they are workable and can mesh with your own lessons and traits. Today you will find it easier to love and that is always a positive.

It is also a day when three zodiac signs are going to be feeling more passionate, more romantic, loving and even dreamy. While Valentine’s Day was yesterday, today is one to carry over the celebrations into.


This energy today is what February is traditionally known for, but with the planetary action this year, it is a bit different. Later in the week, some harsh reality may be coming in, but if you take your mind when you fall even more deeply in love today, it is nothing you will not be able to handle.

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To make the most of today it is best to give up the fight of your heart — go where you desire, love who you will, and make sure to pause enough in your day to leave room for moments of joy.

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes for Wednesday, February 15, 2023:

1. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


Use today to shine, Pisces. This is your home territory that you are moving into today so it is one that you owe to yourself to get comfortable in and enjoy. Neptune and Venus are each in your zodiac sign which means that the part of your life that governs yourself, your needs and your wants is going to be activated.

This means that  you will be able to embrace your authenticity more deeply.

Seldom do you make anything revolve around you, so not to worry about that, but instead today’s energy is more about you being able to love in all the ways that come the most naturally for you. It is allowing you to practice your giving and loving nature with someone who values and never takes advantage of you.

The Moon is in Sagittarius today which rules matters related to your reputation and how you are seen by others while the Sun and Saturn activate the end of Aquarius which means you should be feeling more empowered with the truth that you have recently learned. Today represents a shift for you to forget about anything that is not a part of your authentic truth, love how it comes naturally to you and enjoy every bit of good that is headed your way.


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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Today is going to be a great day to have some important conversations about your own feelings and themes related to your home and family. Currently, with Pisces being activated, you see a greater focus on your own healing, where you call home and who makes up that circle you call family.

This can also bring greater focus onto a committed relationship, especially one where domestic intimacy is present. Venus and Neptune may bring about more gratitude to this area, but for you it is a day to test what you know is real based on what another may try to tell you is the truth. Overall, there is a great loving energy to the day especially when you attune to your own feelings and truth.


This is not the energy of arguments, but instead it feels more like boundaries of power.

You are not finished with the work that Mars in Gemini has been bringing into your life since last August, however, you are nearing completion which means you should be seeing yourself act and create new situations that honor where you are headed. Sun and Saturn today in Aquarius will activate the Sagittarius Moon bringing positivity and openness to any conversations.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)


Today should be a lovely one for feeling gratitude for all that you have built and created within your life recently. You have known that you were nearing the end of an important life phase, one that would culminate with the end of some lessons and the beginning of an entirely new chapter.

However, it does not mean that you were expecting that it would all feel like this.

With this new beginning today and feelings of gratitude centered around Neptune and Venus in Pisces, there is also the realization that there will always be something happening within the craziness that is life. There will always be a reason you can find to not be happy.

However, it will always be up to you to embrace what is good and to not let anyone steal the joy that you have worked so hard for. With the Moon in Sagittarius embracing the sector of your life which governs your friends, and social networks, it feels like a day to step out with your lover.


Use this energy to fully embrace and enjoy life, with your partner, with your friends and most importantly with the deep understanding that you really have made it. So, celebrate like you have.

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