The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 4, 2023

Deep breath.

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Wow, and whoa, what a day many of us are about to have. Between Venus square Mars, the Sun square Uranus and the main antagonist, the Moon opposite Pluto, we may be in line for a serious mental-emotional workout.

This day will be done with us once we've learned some karmic lessons; with Pluto being, well, Pluto, we can know without a shadow of a doubt that this day will wreck our nerves.

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Our gut reaction toward everything is at the heart of this, particularly today, February 4, 2023. For some reason, also known as the Moon opposite Pluto, we will take everything to heart today, even the stuff that isn't meant for us.

We feel strangely responsible for other people's problems. While that may seem like it's because we're just caring individuals who wish to be of assistance to our fellow humans, what's going on is that we're afraid of not being taken seriously. Because of this, we force our way into everything. We are pushy, unreasonable and frightened today; we don't understand why everything feels so 'tense.'


Keep in mind that we're also in a Leo Moon, which means that all we feel today will be heightened; if we feel nervous, we feel extra nervous.

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If we feel lost in memories, today will feel deeply inaccessible; and if we love someone, we will find everything wrong with them, us, and the entire situation. We can't rest today, so tomorrow should be a much more relaxing day, as today will be rough.

Which three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes on February 4, 2023?

Read on to find out more.

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Your day is about to get very 'whoa' as the events of your day seem to be coming at you a little faster than you'd like. You want to keep up, and you had planned on doing so, but it seems that with every move you make, there's something or someone there to sabotage your progress.


And what makes no sense to you is that none of it is personal. It sure feels personal, but you won't be able to place the blame on anyone today, not even yourself.

So, with all this information coming at you, you'll find that during the Moon opposite Pluto, all of it arrives in a confused state. It's enough to make you throw your hands up and walk away, which is an option, for sure.

The good thing is that nothing is too pressing that it can't be accomplished tomorrow, but as for today, February 4, you can expect a rough day filled with frustration and confusion.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


On the other hand, you will experience the 'wow' part of this day, which implies that you will be disgusted by several things, and you'll end up muttering words like, ' really? Wow ' all day long. Your faith in humanity may take a nosedive today, but you are used to that, as you've lost faith in people long ago.

While that might feel cute and rebellious, it's never really done you any good, and during the Moon opposite Pluto, the concept of being unhappy being a member of the human race doesn't work in your favor, and why not?

Because you are a member of the human race, Libra, you're not getting to escape any time too soon. Yes, you are sickened by the antics of your fellow species members, but today will have you removing yourself from everything that has anything to do with being social or friendly.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You'd like to think that you have transits like the Moon opposite Pluto wrapped around your finger, and while your association with Pluto is real, it's not enough to control, and that is how your day is going to feel rough; lack of control plays a large part in today's 'festivities.'

What you may encounter today is an inordinate amount of 'other people's opinions.' It's as if the Moon opposite Pluto brings out this need in everyone around you to express their most ridiculous ideas, and of course, everyone feels as though they are right and should be listened to.


As far as you are concerned, you'll be overwhelmed by the lack of structure that goes on today; you crave control, and so today's lack thereof feels more like a nightmare than a day for learning some major life lesson. You didn't ask for a life lesson, and now that it's here, you still don't get it. Ouch!

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