The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Fun More Than Love During The Moon Trine Mars On November 29, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Fun More Than Love During The Moon Trine Mars On November 29, 2022

It wouldn't exactly be a total shock to find out who wants more fun than love on November 29, 2022, as it is the season for this kind of desire, and certainly, there has to be a party to attend for our party-hearty friends here, today.

It may be Tuesday, but that's not going to stop the folks who want to get out there and have some good old-fashioned fun.

'Tis the reason for the season, as they say, although I'm not sure that's the original meaning behind the statement.

Moon trine Mars rises high in the sky and stimulates our need for energetic gatherings. This isn't about getting together with people to meditate on world peace; this IS, however, about being with people. Dancing, singing, eating food, opening gifts, and sharing music.

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This is about leaving the world behind simply for the purpose of winding down.

It's late November; we need this. We are only natural creatures, and as the end of the year approaches, we need to follow along on the natural path.

Now, that path leads to the party, and for some of us, that's exactly where we want to be.



Of course, this doesn't automatically mean everyone is invited; it's not that anyone ISN'T invited, but during Moon trine Mars, we might not want to attend this party. Some of us are the kind who would prefer to just stay at home, happily.

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During Moon trine Mars, the feeling of wanting to be social will hit three zodiac signs in particular, and we will go over their reactions now. Want to party? The conga line awaits you.

The three zodiac signs who want fun more than love during the Moon trine Mars on November 29, 2022:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Of course, you want to party; it's either that or sleep. Or eat. And who could blame you? After all, it's the end of November and you feel like you've done about all you can do with this year, and if you really start to think about it, you're pooped. You are ready to take things less seriously.

You just want to be around fun people who are in the mood for a party; you want the lightness of being — let the heavy days sink back into memory. You are literally feeling the influence of the Moon trine Mars, and it makes you want to dance.

You can acknowledge the pain of the world only just so much before you want to pop, and you're not going to let yourself feel pain during this time. November 29 suggests that there's more to life than grinning and bearing it, and you want whatever Moon trine Mars is having, so to speak.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

The world of social gatherings beckons you, and you want to be there. You may have your issues here and there, Gemini, and while you can be pretty severe in your judgments, you do get to relax at times, and today is one of those times. During Moon trine Mars, you'll want to be out and about, not stuck in your head, in your room.

You aren't here to celebrate depression. You want fun. You want non-committal conversations, and you want at least one day where you can say something stupid that isn't taken to heart.

You just want to be yourself, and today grants you that privilege. You want to party and let your hair down because you feel you've spent so much of this year answering other people's calls. You just want a night off, to be a jerk, if you so choose. Let yourself have this, Gemini, it's all OK.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You've made the decision to end this year on a bang, you will more than likely start the party up today, November 29. It's your birthday season, and being that everyone is into the party mood that comes along with the holiday season, you figure you'll get a good party out of the deal. You may want to go big, like attending a rave or a festival, or you may just want to keep your party small, as in a gathering over food.

All you know is that you need a break, both mentally and physically, and if Moon trine Mars pushes you in the direction of a fun gathering, then you're all over it. You want the good times, the social engagement, and the chance to feel free. It's always about freedom for you, Sagittarius, and you just want to let loose and fly that freak flag of yours. Shine on, Sagittarius.

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