The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Uncomplicated During The Moon Conjunct Venus On November 24, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Want Love That's Uncomplicated During The Moon Conjunct Venus On November 24, 2022

Today we have a transit that brings mixed blessings, so to speak. We are looking at the Moon conjunct Venus, and how it can bring about a craving for simplicity in us, especially in love and romance.

Here we have a day where we can really appreciate the love and all that comes with it, and we can also figure out that much of the 'all that comes with it is unnecessary and time-wasting.

We really don't want to complicate it with drama or that which is not needed.

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In other words, during the Moon conjunct Venus, we want a love that is uncomplicated and easy to access. Long gone are the days when heavy drama is a lure; we are not seduced by sob stories or mad displays of wealth.



We are not looking for the whole world in a single person; we merely desire their love and nothing more. How quaint.

Imagine just wanting love? How nice that could be. How simple a request that is, and the interesting part is that it is totally doable. We can have a love that is uncomplicated; we just have to make it so. We are responsible for the complexity here.

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And so, under the influence of Moon conjunct Venus, we will come to know something true about ourselves: we want an easy life, filled with love, and very little drama or uproar. At this point in our lives, we know that there is no room for complexity in our love lives. Nuance, yes, complexity, no.

And for some zodiac signs in astrology, today will act as a milestone for that desire: today is the day we make it known. We want a simple love life, and no more. Boom.

The three zodiac signs who want a love that's uncomplicated during the Moon conjunct Venus on November 24, 2022:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You are probably wondering how you, of all people, have made it into the ranks of those who wish for simplicity in your romance. Why, Leo? Because you've learned from your experience. Life has taught you that, while it's fun to seek and create drama, it's also tiring and ends up taking too much out of you.

There's a certain kind of insincerity that belies complicated relationships and honestly, at this point in your life, you'd rather just avoid the intensity and just go straight for what you are really here for the love.

During the Moon conjunct Venus, you want your love life to just work. You don't need fanfare, nor do you need diversion; you are becoming much simpler in your own needs and you've come to know that the simpler, the better, in just about all areas of life. But where love is concerned, right now, on this day, you are all about keeping it simple.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

While you may be somewhat demanding in your love relationships, everything you ask for is based on simplicity; this is what you need, and during Moon conjunct Venus, you will make this known to your loved one, once again, so that they understand where you are coming from.

You demand loyalty, honesty, and passion...you avoid drama, lies, or any kind of secrecy, and while you may be the one sign in the zodiac that occasionally dabbles in deceit, you have long released the need for anything that might be considered overly dramatic, or harmful.

You avoid harmful words, substances, and actions. You are very serious about the person you are with and time has shown you that things CAN fall apart. So, why bother pushing them to their breaking point? There is no need for that, so, you keep it simple and easy. That's your only way, Scorpio. And it will work for you.


3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

If you can have it easy, then that would be your first choice. You feel that the world is already too complicated and insane, so why would you want that kind of drama in your own love life? Talk about insane!

Your partner is the one person you can turn to escape the madness of the world, and that means things have to run smoothly and easily between the two of you. You get no joy out of 'fun fights' or taking random stabs at your partner just to see if you can get a rise out of them.

Let that drama go to those who wish for it, but you are not one of those people. This becomes quite clear to both you and your partner, during the Moon conjunct Venus, as this transit lets you know that the only way to fly is the easy, simple way. Let the drama seekers have it all. You'll stick with your happy, simply love life, thank you very much.

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