The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On October 6, 2022

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We're looking at a day that revolves around saying something wrong to someone and ending up regretting we said it. Whether we blurt it out by accident, or we think we're 'doing the right thing' it doesn't matter. 

Today is the day we offend someone, without intending to. We may seriously think we're going good, or being helpful, but in truth, we're just acting on impulse, which is a convoluted way of saying we speak before we think, and it causes damage.


One of the reasons this kind of thing is prevalent today is because we have Mercury trine Pluto as our leading influence, and this transit has us thinking we have discovered something brilliant something that we absolutely MUST share with others.



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We don't think it through, we just gloat over the idea that we are perceptive enough to see what's wrong with everyone around us and that we feel proud to be the one who will tell everyone what's 'really' going on.

We are arrogant and self-centered today, but the real problem is that we don't know it.

During Mercury trine Pluto, we push too hard and we do so blindly, as we really aren't the authority on other people's lives.

We will approach someone today who does not need our insight, and we will force that person into hearing us out, as if we are some kind of magical guru, appointed in particular, to save this person's life.

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We are no such thing. We are loud, nervous and off base today. We are not the ascended masters we pretend to be.

Which three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes on October 6, 2022?

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Sometimes, you just can't help yourself, Aries, and today is going to be one of those days. You trust your gut instincts; you know you're smart and you know that you can guide other people because your own experience has shown you what to do.

Where you go wrong on this day, October 6, is that you think you know when in fact, you don't. This means that you are going to give out a whole ton of 'helpful' information today to someone who has no clue as to what you could possibly mean.


Rather than consider your information as unhelpful, you make the choice to see this person as hostile and shut-down. Because they won't take your advice, you write them off as hopeless and undeserving of your or anyone's help.

You have Mercury trine Pluto working that ego of yours and it's got you feeling as though you are the only true source of information, today.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

It's yet another of those days for you, Leo, where it's your way or no way at all, and that suits you just fine because you know you're right, no matter what. You will be challenged and disputed today, and all it will make you do is laugh. You come off as arrogant and snotty, but you don't see it this way. 


In fact, if anyone should think you are less than a brilliant seer of truth and knowledge, then they have missed the boat, where you are concerned.

You are working with Mercury trine Pluto energy, and because you are also talented and creative, you will take that energy and make something gigantic of it, which will, in turn, hurt someone to their core.

You are passive-aggressive and hostile today and even though you truly do believe you're only trying to help, you'll end up insulting people and turning them off.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


You just don't know when to stop, Sagittarius, and if ever there were a day to back off, it's today, so get the hint. Yes, we all know you believe in yourself and that you feel your experience gives you enough raw material to be able to advise everybody in the world as to what they should do with their lives, but please today isn't the day.

During Mercury trine Pluto, you'll be at your all-time high for blurting and speaking out of turn. You tend to think that you are the only one who could take on the role of 'healer' and all you end up doing today is making things worse.

You are judgmental and harsh, and you put it all out there under the guise of being helpful. You're unhelpful. You forgot that helping others isn't about delighting in the sound of your own voice. You are very impressed by yourself, today, although no one else is buying.

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