4 Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition So Decisions Come Really Easy For You

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Getting back in touch with your intuition, and learning to trust your gut feeling takes time. However, if you want to learn how to make a decision with confidence, you'll need to work on this. 

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We have all experienced times during which our intuition spoke to us and maybe, at first, didn’t know what it was.

Maybe we thought it was fear.

Maybe we mistook it for an untruth and we chose not to listen to it let alone act on it.

Then there are times we have all listened to the nudge, to our inner voice, and allowed our gut, visions, and knowingness to lead the way.

Often we do not trust ourselves because of the times we didn’t listen. We judge ourselves and push our intuition further away. It creates a downward spiral in our self-trust and negative self-talk.

However, what we don’t realize is that all those times we did not listen provided a profound gift.

It showed us what our intuition uniquely sounds like, feels like, and looks like.

Every time it spoke, regardless of if we acted on it or not, it was part of our journey.

Part of learning the language of our soul - is our own unique intuition.

In creating and tending to a deep relationship with our intuition the doubt and fear dissipate.

It evaporates into thin air.

And instead of in retrospect wishing we had made a different choice, we are able to, at the moment, act on our intuition without needing any intellectual reasoning or proof.

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This is a skill and with any skill, it requires practice and patience. It is like building a muscle, learning a new language which takes dedication and encouraging self-talk. It requires compassion and the willingness to be the observer and notice what you notice.

Our ability to know what our intuition is, how it speaks to us, interpret the messages, and act on what we become aware of is the shift from living in fear and disconnect to love, certainty, and empowerment.

This is when we are truly free and are living an intuitive life.

4 Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition So That Decisions Come Really Easy For You

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1. Journal

Write down a list of all the times you can think of when your intuition spoke to you and you didn’t listen. Notice what comes forward as you explore the past. What was present to make you doubt yourself? How did your intuition speak to you? Did it speak to you in different ways given the situation? Look for any patterns. (Now journal on the times you did listen and take action on your intuition.)

2. Forgive yourself

See that you did the best you could given the information you had at the time and where you were at. Hindsight is 20/20 for a reason. You have had so much learning and growth since that time and if the situation presented itself now, you would most likely incorporate the learning and lessons. Just as in looking back you can now see more options of what you could have done. This is how we grow.

3. Find gratitude

Those times allowed you to know what your intuition is. It was informing you and creating a bridge between you and your intuition. Thank your intuition, yourself and the circumstance for the lessons and wisdom even if it was a very challenging experience, find the wisdom to grow within the experience. (Now find gratitude for the times you did listen and take action on your intuition.)

4. Fall in love

Love yourself up. Fall in love with your intuition and make a commitment to creating a healthy, loving relationship in which you communicate daily fostering trust, awareness, and empowerment. Vow to have yourself be your guide and allow your intuition to lead the way.

You are a capable, luminous being, and when you activate this part of your magic happens. You are in the driver’s seat of your life leading yourself with certainty, empowerment, and joy.

When have you listened and acted on your intuition and when did you not? 

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Aimee Leigh is an Intuitive Clairvoyant Teacher, Mentor, and Author who has been working with clients and students for almost two decades. 

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