The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 15, 2022

ofjd125gk87 via pixabay

The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 15, 2022 ofjd125gk87 via pixabay

Today is the day when the empaths of the world want to slink into the shadows to avoid picking up too much 'human vibe'.

We have the unusual transit of Moon trine Pluto above us, and this event tends to bring out the sensitive side but not in a good way.

This is the kind of day where we hurt others.

If we happen to witness wrongdoing on the part of someone else, especially someone we love or care for, then we will be feeling what they feel, and that's not going to be a pleasant experience.


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Moon trine Pluto is like a call out to all empaths, and even if you're not technically an 'empath' by label, we all have the ability to pick up on a bad vibe and stick with it.


On September 15, 2022, Moon trine Pluto will ring off that alarm bell and with it, our emotional state. What makes this day rough is that it's hard to feel for everybody; it's not an easy task to feel compassion for total strangers, and yet that's what's about to happen, for certain zodiac signs.

For those of us who tend to be psychic or highly intuitive, it's going to feel like we're an instrument that's being played. Too many sounds, and too much info coming our way.

What's worse is that we might start to imagine that things are actually worse than they are. We might use some of that Moon trine Pluto energy to imagine events that aren't taking place. Pluto has never been a 'kind' player, and it has no intention of starting today.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on September 15, 2022

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


You are a very caring person, but in truth, you'd rather have a day off from caring as this tends to take a toll on you, emotionally. You are highly empathic and that's not necessarily a superpower; it's something that puts you in touch with everything around you while simultaneously not letting you escape.

Today will have plenty of opportunities for you to feel way too much without getting a chance to breathe. This day is going to take more out of you than you were ever willing to give, and while most days are like this for you, having Moon trine Pluto in the sky doesn't do much more than exacerbate the situation, making you feel overwhelmed and fragile.

Your nerves will be on edge today and when you try to explain yourself to someone, they won't get it and they'll press you for more. The last thing you need today is to be pushed.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

At first, you thought that being an empath would make you seem special, perhaps even gifted but that was until you really started to experience what true empathy is, and how much it can take out of you.

As a Cancer, you are already hyper-sensitive, but during Moon trine Pluto, you'll be feeling everybody's pain, and you won't be channeling any of it into song. In other words, you will pick up on the pain of the world today and you will have no outlet by which you can express yourself, or rather, rid yourself of the toxic energy you pick up on.

While this too will pass, you'll be dealing with it in large doses today, and it's definitely going to have you dragging around, in a foul Moon. You may feel snappy and impatient today as if you're just waiting around for yet another person to dump a load of emotional pain onto your lap. Today is a good day for you to pull back, keep to yourself if possible, and participate in simple things.


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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You have a particularly hard day ahead of you because you may be an animal lover, and today hits animal lovers the hardest. You're already empathic when it comes to people, and that's hard enough, but add animals to the list and you'll be a blubbering mess by the time the day is over.


Today is the day where you pick up on the 'plight' of those who cannot defend themselves. If you are an animal worker — vet, vet tech, rescue person — you will spend a good portion of the day in tears, just 'feeling' for all the animals of the world.

If animals aren't your thing, then you'll have reserve empathy left over for small children and people who aren't having an easy life. You are non-existent today, Pisces, as you will be giving everything you have over to feeling bad about the state of the world, the people who suffer, and the animals that need rescuing.

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