The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Monday, September 12, 2022

What you feel drawn to is never random.

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Monday, September 12, 2022 Frank Cone via pexels/Charday Penn via Getty Images Signature/Chikovnaya via Canva Pro

In the days after Mercury turned retrograde in Libra, a quiet has settled over your soul almost as you become resigned to the reality that this time is more about what you feel rather than what you think.  

In this space of slowing down and realizing that sometimes the fastest way ahead is to actually slow down you are being given an opportunity to change how you approach life forever.  

So what makes September 12, 2022 the best horoscope day for three zodiac signs?

Today the Virgo Sun aligns with retrograde Uranus in Taurus helping to once again bring you a flash of intuitive insight which can give you a better picture of your own future.  


The Aries Moon will be inspiring you to look with greater ambition at how you are feeling about yourself and your life while the Virgo Sun and Uranus in Taurus will be inspiring you with confidence and optimism.  

There is a reason that you do not know necessarily what direction to move into at this point.  

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You need to do things differently this time around but in order to do that, you also need to more closely look at what has gone into the creation of your life in its current situation.  

Right now, with six planets retrograde and even the Pisces Full Moon that has just passed, you are supposed to be doing some inner reflection to better trust in your own intuitive knowing.  


So much doubt exists within the mind that it can be easy to let it override your own feelings and start to believe that how you feel is wrong. 

External action or change can feel delayed right now, but it is not because you cannot make headway, instead, it is to give you time to reflect more deeply on what your motivating factors are.  

If you have struggled to trust your intuition you can end up being directed by the thoughts and opinions of others trying to make a life that wins the validation that you receive outside of yourself. 

Yet doing this is likely why you are often in the situation that you are. 

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The universe has tried to show you that this is not the way forward, as it is not the path to fulfillment and authenticity.  

You are being guided to break away from the others and instead tune into your own path. 

To believe in what you feel pulled to or called to pursue is actually part of a higher purpose.  

The Sun in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus alignment will help with giving you the confidence to direct you forward. 

But it still comes down to you and whether you trust your feelings over your thoughts.  

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Take time today to sit with how you are feeling, both about things and in the situations within your life. 


This is the biggest barometer of what is meant for you and what is not, because what you feel drawn to (or even away from) is never random but all part of your ultimate life purpose.  

Read on to find out why Monday, September 12, 2022, brings the best horoscopes to these three zodiac signs.

1. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

As the Sun in Virgo unites with retrograde Uranus in Taurus it will seem as if the hope for a better future returns.

This is a bright spot in recent events that have felt wrought with confusion.

It will allow you to trust your inner self more deeply and also bring a sense of optimism about the future.

It may be that you have to make some tough decisions about what truly aligns with your life and what does not, but the energy today will help you believe in everything happening for a greater reason and purpose.


Try not to let feelings of what you wish you had known previously color what you decide to do now. Venus is also currently in Virgo so making sure that whatever decisions you make are connected to your heart will be crucial.  

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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

The Sun in Virgo today will highlight the vision for the future that you have for your romantic life. With Venus currently in Virgo, it means that there is a great focus on your romantic life.

Recognizing that the visions and feelings that you have are a part of your truth will go a long way towards you being able to be the creator of this next phase of your life.


You have to make sure that you are utilizing all the previous lessons that you have been through to make sure that you are keeping boundaries and your self-advocacy skills at the forefront of whatever choices you are making.

You should ultimately be feeling more optimistic about what is happening in your life and even in your romantic relationship. Just make sure that you allow yourself to embrace the changes that you are going through so that you do not end up fighting them instead.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

Uranus retrograde in Taurus is hitting upon your romantic life bringing about a great deal of reflection and the coming together of years' worth of lessons.

Today as Uranus connects with the Virgo Sun it is a chance to take everything that you have been through and see that it is a way to actually fulfill your deepest dreams.

Being happy in life has nothing to do with things going as you had planned, they would, but instead being in the place to enjoy what happens unexpectedly.

The moments that come together because of lessons learned and you feeling like you are actually more satisfied with who you truly are.


Take today as an opportunity to dream and to be excited about what is to come, not because you definitively know, but because life is now aligning to your own vibration.  

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