The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 7, 2022

Feeling hostile today?

The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On September 7, 2022 Chikovnaya via Canva Pro/Volodymyr Melnyk via Canva Pro

Are you feeling tense about something as if you're just waiting around for the ball to drop and it just never does? 

September 7, 2022 will definitely bring a few zodiac signs the sensation that they're either missing out on something and they need to know what's going on, or that they can't deal with being kept out of the loop and are starting to become angry because of it.

Basically, all this means that today is going to bring rough horoscopes for three zodiac signs; our heads are not screwed on tight today and we're all over the place, emotionally.


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Why would that be? It would be because we have a rather aggressive transit in the sky that is hellbent on making us have a rough day, and that transit is drumroll Moon trine Mars for the win!


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How does this transit work? It works by stirring up our anxiety. Some of us deal with anxiety by lashing out at others, while some of us simply sit and stew in nonstop thinking and clashing emotions.

Today will have three zodiac signs begging for the day to end. Nobody 'asks' for days like this. Nobody goes out of their way to request a particularly confusing day that ends up having us go over every aspect of our lives so that we can study what's wrong with it.

We see what is wrong with our lives on this day, and most of our investigation turns out to be fake news. In other words, we don't like ourselves today, which is just pure, unadulterated silliness. Don't let Moon trine Mars wipe you out!


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Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes feel the intensity of September 7, 2022, the most. 

Read on to hear why.

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You might be feeling incredibly strong-willed during Moon trine Mars, as it acts like a vitamin that allows you to feel confidence and control. While this sounds like a boon, it may just head in the wrong direction today, as you will find yourself in the odd position of being contradicted by your peers.

Now, that's not anything new, and that's how brainstorming sessions work; however, you aren't in the mood to be contradicted today because you feel that you've worked too hard on this idea and you can't understand why nobody's going for it.


You haven't thought this one out, and while it all feels stellar to you, there's something missing, and that's what everyone else is seeing. Everybody but you, that is.

What makes this day rough for you is that you might catch an attitude that ends up alienating you from your people. If you go 'snob' on them, they will end up rejecting you, which could also make you lose money. Think first.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

It's not going to take much to set you off today, as your nerves are already frayed due to something that's happened recently.

You may be suffering from heartbreak or rejection, and this is your emotional background; with Moon trine Mars working hard to make things even worse for you, you'll no doubt fall into its trap.


How this ends up looking is like you walking around with a pouty face all day long. Hey, it happens. Where things get rough is when friends and coworkers ask you what's up, and then you get to explain your life to them.

You didn't catch on to the fact that they really weren't interested and did not want to stick around for the full life story.

When people ask you, "How are you" today, they really mean, "Say you're fine even if you're not, but don't tell me your sob story 'cause you're boring." Today brings out your already established feelings of loneliness.

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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


You don't like yourself when you can't get a hold of your emotions, and this makes you feel both anti-social and a bit aggressive. It's as if you battle off your own feelings of self-doubt by overcompensating with faux confidence.

You act the bully today, but it's all a facade for a deeply ingrained sense of self-hate, and while this may be the one thing you try your best to overcome, during Moon trine Mars, you may just end up falling flat on your face for your efforts.

If you don't want to make the day worse, then definitely keep to yourself and spare the world your angst. You aren't kind today and there's no place for that in the world, as we have enough bullies and boots to fill that quota.

Staying by yourself is a good idea, and it will help you tone down the aggression. It's best to work it out on your own, today, rather than share your disdain with the world.


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