The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve For The Week Of August 22 - 28, 2022

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The 4 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve For The Week Of August 22 - 28, 2022

The Sun returns to Virgo this week alongside the New Moon prompting a series of new beginnings that lead to greater intimacy and love.

Life is busy and in those relationships which do work, love can often be moved to the back burner because of more pressing matters.

But if something is truly working well, it is only that way because of the constant love and attention you give to it.

With long-lasting healthy relationships, what you put into it is what you receive from it.

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It can often feel like there is a disconnect or that the passion is not what it used to be, but that is usually due to you thinking that it can just keep growing on autopilot instead of investing the time and energy needed to continue to have it flourish.

During the week there is a correlation between your feelings (New Moon ) and the action (Sun) that you take which can prompt a new beginning in your relationship.

It is time to fall in love all over again with your partner and that begins by prioritizing the relationship.

Set aside time this week and approach your partner as you did in the very beginning, making the choice to be fully in this relationship and not just have it be another thing you have to tend to in your life.

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The longest and most amazing love affairs are those where each person chooses each other again and again, and this is the week to realize the choice you have already made is just one you need to continue to nourish.

Here are which four zodiac signs see their relationships improve during the week of August 22 – 28, 2022.

1. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

This is an amazing week ahead for your relationships as you have the Sun return to your zodiac sign and your annual New Moon. Think about revitalizing an existing relationship or even allowing yourself to officially start that new one that has been on the back burner. It is time to look at what is working in your life rather than what is not so that is where you end up pouring your energy.

This week looks to be full of clarity and the opportunity to take action to deepen an existing relationship or connection.

As much as you may have wanted certain external things to fall into place before taking any other steps or action, you are realizing this week that it is only delaying your happiness. Love is always a risk and while you should also take your head with you, it is also something that will never be truly logical because it is of the heart and not the mind.

Instead of getting caught up in how things would be if it were a perfect time, look for how you can make it that way by just leaning into love. You do not have to lose yourself or forfeit plans for the relationship that can add to your life. But you do have to release control just enough to let it grow. This week it all comes together, and you are able to see how love can actually add so much more to your life, perfect timing or not.

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2. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

There is a lot of action in your romantic sector this week as the Sun enters Virgo and the New Moon occurs here as well. Virgo is your opposing zodiac sign and also brings a focus to your romantic relationships. In this case, the Sun is action and external choices while the New Moon brings the feeling that something is just beginning. If things have been on a break or pause with a current relationship, expect them to be rekindled this week.

It does not mean things going back to the way that they were though, something that you are very clear on and instead represents a new chapter thanks to all the growth that you have been doing.

In being able to speak more openly about your feelings and not just keep things inside you have actually been changing the dynamics within your relationship.

Even if it has seemed challenging or like it was going to ultimately be what broke the relationship. People need time to adjust and heal. They need to be able to work through their own issues and then make their own decisions.

This is what you have been allowing space for, not because you have been waiting for anyone to choose you to not, but to see what aligns with you rather than forcing anything. This week brings some amazing opportunities for new beginnings in love and it is exactly what you have been doing all the work for so make sure to fully embrace it.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Sun and the New Moon in Virgo this week prompt you to look at an old situation differently. It is time to learn something new and to see things from a different perspective which will allow positive changes to begin in your romantic life. Right now, you are poised to be in the position to see your partner and relationship differently.

It may mean that you can take accountability for certain aspects or even see how much good already existed within it. For you, working towards what you want is an asset, but oftentimes once you achieve that you can forget why it was that you were so ambitious in achieving it.

This could also set off a feeling of immense gratitude for your romantic partner and relationship which will significantly improve things.

Oftentimes, it is not the relationship that is truly struggling but how you are seeing it, and while it is true not everyone is meant to last forever being able to truly be grateful for what you have and the life you have created together can go a long way. Take time this week to really look at your relationship and how your partner has shown up for you. It may not be what you had dreamed of love of being, but more than likely you will realize that it is even better.

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4. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

This is set to be a very passionate week for you which amplifies the intimacy between you and your partner. All the Virgo energy lights up the part of your life that is connected to sex, quality time, and even the deep emotional connection with your partner. If you have been feeling distant or like it has become business as usual in your romantic life, this week will give you a chance to change all of that.

This is life and while your relationship may be amazing it does not mean that it always gets the best of you.

But it also does not mean that you cannot start being more mindful of the time that you do set aside for it. Take the energy this week and look for the new beginnings that are possible within your connection through weekly date nights or even more intimacy.

If there has been something that you have been wanting to try or need, then it is time to speak up and make it happen. You have been going through a lot of growth with putting the past to rest recently and now it is time to look around and see just how amazing life currently is. You just have to make the time to enjoy it.

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