The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Quit Waiting For Love During Mercury In Virgo, August 3 – 25, 2022

Who needs love anyway?

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Quit Waiting For Love During Mercury In Virgo, August 3 – 25, 2022 Canva

There's just so much patience a person can have when they're waiting on someone to either love them back or simply show up on time.

Today, during Mercury in Virgo, we're going to see some very specific examples of how impossible it can be when someone makes us hang on, wait, or 'have faith' in a love that doesn't really seem to be going anywhere.

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Virgo vibes do not support being told to wait; in fact, Mercury in Virgo is the right transit to push us out of the waiting box. Thankfully, this transit smacks some sense into our heads; we've waited for love to happen and now that we see it's taking forever, we're out.



This helps those of us in long-distance relationships or relationships that only exist online. Anyone whose ever had an online affair might know the drill: you fall in love with someone you'll never meet, and then you both promise each other that you WILL meet, and as the days, weeks, and months pass by, you come to realize that this thing is never going to happen.


With Mercury in Virgo, you get to that conclusion a lot faster. During this transit, people get fed up with waiting for situations to come through when all the signs say they never will.

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Mercury in Virgo also puts everything into proper perspective; say for instance you've always known that this love affair is doomed but you set that thought aside so you could enjoy the fantasy of 'maybe someday.' And nope. Not today. Mercury makes it short and sweet, while Virgo makes it real. Today is the day we give up on waiting for love to miraculously come and save us.

The three zodiac signs who quit waiting for love during Mercury in Virgo, August 3 — 25, 2022:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)


OK, time's up. You've had just about all you can take with waiting for this one person to do the right thing, and it doesn't look like they can do much more than a promise, complain, swear and promise again.

They are worthless, and while that may be a tad heartbreaking, you know deep inside that this person is just keeping you on hold. That's a no-go when Mercury in Virgo is around. What's great about this transit is how it opens your eyes to your own behavior.

You'll start to feel pretty gross when you realize how much time you've wasted on this fraud of a person. They have played you, and you let them. Alas, there is no time left to waste and you certainly don't want to plummet into beating yourself up over this waste-of-space 'lover.' Time's up. Next window, please.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Your own life's history and experience has told you that if a person really loves you, then they will respect your wishes. What you're seeing now is that the word 'love' has been abused and overused and virtually means nothing to you now.

Big deal — you've been told you are loved to the Moon and back by this one person who sits safely at a distance away from you, doing nothing but doling out the words, "I love you." They promise to come to see you and they never do. They just sit at their computer, typing love letters to you from far away.

That's all they do. At first, you bought into it, figuring that anyone who loves you as much as this person does must be serious about you. And then it hits you: they're a fraud, a liar. Mercury in Virgo allows you to see what's going on and take swift action to end it. Once it's over, you'll feel free and smart. You may even pat yourself on the back for doing yourself a good turn by getting rid of the bum.


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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You are someone who gives multiple second chances, and you do it because you believe that nobody could possibly lie to you. This is called naïveté, and you've got the market cornered on this. During Mercury in Virgo, you will snap out of your 'everybody is worthy' trance, and you'll come to understand that not only have you been used, but you've allowed your precious, precious time to be wasted by another person.


This person promised you the world, and in your mind, why would anyone say something like that if they weren't going to come through? Welcome to planet Earth, Sagittarius. We humans are capable of much more than wasting the time of others. Luckily, this transit will wake you up and you'll take immediate action. The funny thing about you is that once you turn, there's no going back. Rock on.

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