The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Once you go wild, you may never return.

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Wednesday, August 10, 2022 Marta Ortiz via Getty Images/Beavera photos via Canva Pro

The energy of the day feels completely different and inspiring as the Moon shifts into Aquarius today beckoning you to cut loose from any restraints and follow your wild heart, no matter where it may lead.

The Moon is moving into position for tomorrow’s Super Full Moon in Aquarius, although this evening it can be celebrated with any rituals or ceremonies.

After the energy of the past few days that had you coming to sudden awareness, yet guiding you to pause before taking action, today all of that is out the window.


Even if your entire life cannot necessarily be changed in one day, you can feel confident in taking some important steps forward today.

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This Super Full Moon in Aquarius is the third and final one that will be experienced this year bringing into focus themes from the Full Moon in Sagittarius which occurred on June 14th.



Think about what was going on in your life during that time and you will likely see how things have transitioned or manifested in a particular direction today.


The Full Moon in Capricorn occurred on July 13th which is likely the pinnacle of the story that you are currently seeing play out.

Everything does happen precisely as it is meant to, it is just often it does not occur how you think it will.

Reflect on these dates in June and July today and see what larger theme it is bringing to your attention.

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Now, with the Super Full Moon rising in Aquarius, it is time to own your independence, and your wild and rebellious spirit and to not hesitate in making decisions and claiming the life that is meant for you.

Today is also Venus’s last day in Cancer before moving into Leo tomorrow, as it unites with the Moon it brings in some clarity involving your feelings, not just about any romantic matters that are currently going on but more importantly about yourself and your life.


Neptune in Pisces is also involved in the day’s energy and will inspire you to take a few quiet moments for yourself meditation or reflect before the day begins.

Ready yourself, as the action that you have felt called to delay, is now knocking on your doorstep ready to be seized.

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It is time to cast off whatever has been holding you back and embrace the world around you that has been waiting for a moment such as this so that you can fully step into the change that you have so desperately been seeking.

The thing with going wild, breaking all the rules, and following your own heart is that once you do, life becomes different.


You finally get to become yourself, and today offers an amazing opportunity to do just that.

Wednesday holds promise for these three zodiac signs who will have the best horoscopes on August 10, 2022.

1. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

The Super Full Moon is here in your sign and it is going to offer you an incredible opportunity for both growth and joy. With Saturn currently in its last retrograde in your sign, many lessons are wrapping up. It is a time when you are seeing clearly who you are and the purpose of everything that has occurred on your path up until this point.

But once you do have that awareness, it is also time to set yourself free.


You are the sign of rebellion, freedom, and of independence. You go your own way and create what feels right regardless of whether others agree or not. It is time to embrace this strength and recognize that whatever had power over you in the past no longer does.

Take time today to reflect on what has come up for healing and release recently and then start dreaming again about the future. It truly is all yours and nothing, not even the past, is holding you back from embracing it any longer.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Today is the last day of Venus being in your sign which means that you should take full advantage of all of the energy that it is giving you. Use today to reflect on the past month and what has come up for you in terms of what you need in order to create a life that you genuinely love.


Venus does rule romantic relationships, but it also governs over that love and passion you feel for your life. It is time to remember that life is supposed to bring you joy. It is supposed to bring you happiness and a sense of purpose and well-being.

The more that you believe in these qualities being present in your life, then the more you will feel driven to create them.

There are some things in your life that need attention and to be handled, and they will be. Just focus on dealing with it all as it comes and keep an undertone of remembering what it is that you want to bring more into your life. You may have to go your own way and separate from those who want to hold you back during this time, but that is all part of the joy that you are about to create. Embrace each and every moment.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

Neptune in your zodiac sign today aligns with the Moon bringing you a sense of peace and stability within yourself. As a Pisces, you need to be able to feel a sense of peace in order to feel as if you can embrace your true self and feel grounded enough to dream of a better future. A lot of what has been occurring for you is bringing a greater truth to your life.

Neptune retrograde allows you to see the truth of situations around you as well as the truth within you.

Only when you allow yourself this gift do you find peace. Even if it seems that now you are confronted with new challenges in your life, seeing the truth of everything allows you to no longer struggle with pretending or illusions.


Take the energy today and let yourself see the truth and the peace that comes from accepting everything as it is. This will allow you to now start dreaming from a place of reality instead of one of avoidance which makes all the difference.

During this Aquarius Moon, let yourself be pulled by what feels more authentic for you because that is a truth that can never be taken away.

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