Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Tarot Card Reading For August 8 – 14, 2022

It's a week full of busy surprises.

Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Tarot Card Reading For August 8 – 14, 2022

Each zodiac sign's weekly tarot card reading is here with predictions using the Major and Minor Arcana decks. We've got a beautiful layout just ready and waiting for interpretation.

We'll be rolling with the punches and achieving some great things from what can be seen here.

We will learn some hard lessons in terms of 'waiting our turn' as well as getting to experience what it's like to overcome certain obstacles in our romantic lives.


While we might be able to say it's just another 'week in the life,' we may also know that every day has the potential or delivering life lessons that are worth learning.

This week we will see how there are certain things that we cannot prevent from happening.

We will also see that we are in charge of making or breaking our good fortune. The Tarot reveals that we are the ones who are responsible for how good or bad are lives feel to us and that in the long run, perception really is everything.


And so, we move forth with another week in life. Will it be a good one? Will it take us down?

This is what remains to be seen, but as we all know, nothing can really 'ruin' us but our own selves.

How we take the good and the bad is up to us. Will we learn from vital lessons, or will we ignore them and have to learn them again someday, perhaps with an even harsher situation to deal with?

Let's learn the lessons this week, signs. Let us now see what the Tarot holds in store for us.

Read on to find your zodiac sign's weekly tarot card reading for August 8 – 14, 2022.


(March 21 - April 19)

Tarot card: Seven of Swords, reversed

Looks like you think you can get away with something this week, Aries, and perhaps you can. This card shows a type of sneaky action that you may not be too proud of, yet you're the one involved.


You will get away with this action but also feel horrendous guilt. Being that guilt doesn't feel acceptable to you, you'll repress it until you can deny it existed. But it's there, Aries, and it will show up sooner or later.

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(April 20 - May 20)

Tarot card: Temperance

You would never have guessed in a million years that you'd be the rock that other people cling to for guidance and help, but here you are, this week, the guru. You've studied your self-help books, and they are working for you.

You may have put in this work to help your own self, yet the lessons are there for you to share. This week, you'll be the lighthouse whose beacon shines in the dark for someone you love. You will help them find their way back to the shore.


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(May 21 - June 20)

Tarot card: The Magician

Because you have been tested beyond your scope or limit, you'll want to take matters of your own life into your own hands this week. You are tired of being manipulated by others, so it's all on you now.

You step up and take charge of your own life. You let others know this by example. You don't even have to speak; this week isn't about fighting but acting according to your nature. You create a better situation for yourself by putting in the effort rather than talking about it.

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(June 21 - July 22)

Tarot card: The High Priestess, reversed

This week hands you a lesson in humility, and you will learn it, although begrudgingly. You tend to be a bit of a show-off regarding spirituality and your prowess on the topic.

You've become a hypocrite by coming off as some enlightened master when you're simply another human being. You are a seeker of truth, and in being this, you need to accept that the truth is that you are human, not a demi-god. Humble down, Cancer.

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(July 23 - August 22)

Tarot card: Nine of Wands

Your week is devoted to waiting for something that never seems to happen. You live this week out in expectation; you believe you are owed something.


With your mind focused entirely on this idea that people owe you something, you will find that as the days go by, no one has any such debt to you. Not only that, but you seem to be waiting in vain. Let go of this great expectation, Leo. Nature works on its own accord.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Tarot card: Three of Cups, reversed

When you get together with friends, know this: there's always someone there who either gets too drunk and becomes rowdy or ends up criticizing you for whatever reason they see as fit.

While you love to get together with friends, you'll find that after each gathering, you'll find yourself saying, "I'm never doing this again." Your wild social life suits you better as a wish rather than a reality.


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(September 23 - October 22)

Tarot card: The Hierophant, reversed

Expect to be argued against over and over this week, as nobody really wants to hear your point of view. The thing with you is that you are unbridgeable; you believe what you believe with blind faith and will not be open to the opinions of others, no matter what.

This makes you come across as obstinate and stubborn, and after a while, people would rather just give up on you than hear you out, as they find you boorish and boring.

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(October 23 - November 21)

Tarot card: Four of Cups

You may find yourself feeling very indecisive this week. However, the choices that are available to you are all excellent ones. It's a matter of honing in on what's best for you and deciding to accept or reject.

It's a good position to be in, as you basically can't go wrong; however, it will be tough for you to come to a solid decision, as once you make it, it is done, and there will be no going back.

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(November 22 - December 21)

Tarot card: The Empress

It's been a while since you've been on a shopping spree, so get ready to spend some money. This week has you coming into some money, and because you've been so diligent and orderly in the past, this new money comes from working hard and doing the right thing.


This week brings you good fortune and some fun with materialistic desires. Have fun, shop well, wear your new clothes and be a show off.

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(December 22 - January 19)


Tarot card: Five of Wands, reversed

It almost feels as though you can't exempt yourself from situations where strife rules and chaos runs the day. This isn't exactly what you wanted, and you will find that nothing runs smoothly this week at work.

Wasn't it just like this last week, and does that mean next week will be equally as chaotic? Perhaps this is the week where you look at your work environment and ask yourself if this really is what you wanted out of your life.

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(January 20 - February 18)

Tarot card: Nine of Swords, reversed

Bad dreams plague you this week, and the main problem here is that you take them too seriously. You tend to rely upon your intuitive skills, but sometimes you really have to back off and just consider some of these dreams to be 'psychic garbage.'


Not everything has a deep and profound meaning. You don't need to spend every second of your waking day analyzing your nightmares as if they are all premonitions of doom and gloom. Too much, Aquarius is too much.

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(February 19 - March 20)

Tarot card: The Fool, reversed

Well, this week has you running away from responsibility. You have thrown up your hands in defeat, and now, you're just saying 'no' to whatever demands your time and effort. It happens.

Weeks like this happen, and sometimes we need to plead ignorance. This week has you shirking your duties for whatever reasons cause you to act this way. You feel you owe no one an explanation, as the truth is, you can't handle something going on.


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