The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Selfish In Love During The Sun In Leo Starting July 22, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Selfish In Love During The Sun In Leo Starting July 22, 2022

Here we are in the middle of the summer, and that means that it's Leo season and so it is.

As we move out of Cancer season on July 22, 2022, we can almost feel the heat of the Sun in Leo, beckoning us on. Leo is a very complex sign; there are pros and cons to this season, and sometimes the two meet as one.

What this means is that during this time, we feel very strongly about whatever it is we're passionate about, and sometimes, we don't know when to call it quits.


In other words, we take things too far, even if those things are good things.

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Today brings a new note into our love lives: selfishness. That's right, and it's probably not the first thing we'd admit to, and yet, it will be quite obvious as the day goes on. We are selfish about our loves, and we want them to be ours, all ours, alone.


And while we probably already have this kind of devotion, the Sun in Leo won't settle for assumptions; we want to KNOW it, own it, claim it, and put it down on paper. We're not just content to have great love in our lives, we want to own the person we love, and that's not really possible.

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When we are selfish about love, we show that we are also a bit neurotic. We don't trust that things can last; our intense passion is balanced by intense insecurity and this insecurity continuously needs reinforcement. We may show a side to ourselves today that is less than flattering.

For the sake of our love, we want more than is actually needed. Perhaps this day will teach us that we cannot own a person, and that if we allow ourselves a little breathing room, the one we love may cling to us of their own accord.


Here's which three zodiac signs are selfish in love during the Sun in Leo starting on Friday, July 22, 2022.

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You've always been the possessive type, and that's not about to change any time soon, especially with Leo Sun as our major transit today. You may be put in the position of having to witness your mate flirt with someone else; they may not even be flirting, but you'll flare up nonetheless and you might even start a fight over what you believe is some kind of indiscretion.

What may be a harmless and friendly communication between your partner and someone you believe is a threat to the relationship, you will more than likely take the whole thing way too far and end up arguing and spewing nasty things.

Your partner is innocent, but you can't see it that way. You are extremely selfish with your love, almost to the point of neurosis; you feel threatened by the idea of anyone ever talking with your mate. You've never been able to just relax into the relationship, and this could be a good lesson for you, as you need to chill out. Seriously.


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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

One of the things you never seem to understand is that if you dish it out often enough, eventually the person you put down is going to turn on you. Of course, in your case, your romantic partner is the one you put down the most, as you feel this person is yours to mistreat.

In your mind, that's what partners do: they feel free enough to verbally attack each other, and you're the main offender here. Today, during the beginning of Leo season, you will catch your partner in the act of being NICE to someone else, and it will anger you on such a profound level that you will come out guns-a-blazing (metaphorically).


You can't accept that your lover is an actual person, as you've come to think of them as your servant/doormat. When you see them being nice to someone else, you feel like they've crushed the sacred bond. Your selfishness knows no bounds. In your mind, you are the only one who calls the shots.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)


You've always had a problem with being selfish about love, and it doesn't look like this isn't going to stop anytime too soon, especially during the Sun in Leo. To be honest, this transit is only going to exacerbate your possessive nature and your partner is the one who will suffer your insecurity. It's as if you punish them for simply being there, as you project scenario after scenario of them cheating on you, when, in fact, they haven't even left your side.

You are so scared that this person is going to find someone other than you attractive that you berate them for even breathing in the direction of another person. You are deeply insecure, but your facade paints the picture of a totally solid person; you're not that. You are selfish and demanding and totally unreasonable during this time. Your partner may anticipate this and run from you, just to avoid your nonstop accusations.

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