The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Monday, June 20, 2022

Everything always occurs in divine timing.

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Monday, June 20, 2022 Nsey Benajah on Unsplash

Today brings a potent Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, which carries a reminder that in every moment of your life, the universe is always with you.

Last Quarter Moons are a time for letting go and release.

Often, it is these parts or pieces of yourself and life that are not necessary to where it is you are growing up to

This can mean that it is fizzled out or toxic relationships, dead-end careers, or even those personas you had clung to thinking they identified who you really are.


But these are the easy pieces to let go of; the parts you know are not good for you. It is the gray areas, though, that make things more complicated.

Mercury in Gemini gives more of that gray zone, where there is some good, but a lot also feels off.

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These are the parts of life that this Last Quarter Moon wants to release most.

With this energy, it is important to recognize that something will seldom be all bad, yet that does not mean it is truly aligned with you.

Pisces is an intuitive zodiac sign, one that is known to be the most connected to the divine and encompasses bits of the entire zodiac.


The Last Quarter Moon occurring within this sign at 11:11 pm Eastern Standard Time (NYC) is a wake-up call from the universe to listen to your intuition.

Eleven-eleven is a repeating number sequence that serves as a wake-up call to your soul.

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It can often mean that a divine soul partner is coming in. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius could represent more of these romantic unions coming together. Still, it is also a reminder that you cannot deny what is meant for you.

Your soul knows why it is here and what its purpose is in this lifetime.

To discover this, you need to release what is simply taking up space.


Let the Pisces Last Quarter Moon guide you forward, trusting each step along the way and the clarity you are creating room for.

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Monday, June 20, 2022:

1. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

This year is an important one for you. It represents some major cycles of growth coming to the point of fruition and a new one beginning. This is all about abundance, connectedness, and true joy. You have been working to make space for this enjoying the peace that arrives with each choice and step.

There are still some pieces of your past that you are meant to let go and release. Today is a chance to look at everything through a critical lens that is more detached than you normally are. Instead of having your emotions tied up in everything, you can almost hold your heart separate from what your intuition is telling you.


You have a huge heart, but at times, that can get you in trouble or stop you from making the decisions and choices you need to make. Today you will be more able to see where your soul is trying to take you next. With it occurring specifically in your zodiac sign at the significant numerology number of 11:11, this is the universe trying to get your attention.

It is desperately wanting to make sure that you let go of anything you are remotely unsure of or confused by, as that will only take up space. You will never have to sacrifice to make a blessing from the universe work. And if something does end up being just a lesson for you, always practice gratitude for finally learning it, no matter how long it takes.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


There was an intense heat of energy recently with so many planets in Pisces that took aim at your committed relationship and home life. This loving and spiritual water sign rules this area of your life, so when there is a lot of activity within this sign, you can see more happening during that time.

Today is the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces at the divine time of eleven-eleven. Last Quarter is about the release, while Pisces brings focus on that sensitive area of your life. Something big is happening today, especially as it follows your annual Super Full Moon last week.

This may not be a situation of what you want to release but what you must. You may not feel ready, and there may still be uncertainty that threatens to block your path, but it does not mean the universe will be kept at bay. There is a strong influence here by the universe to trust where you are guided today.

Trust the path ahead, and most of all, have faith in the divine timing presenting itself, even if it is different from your own. This is a chance to hit a reset button on your own life and get back into the universe's flow instead of only fighting against it. And today, it is finally all coming together in your favor.


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3. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

Jupiter in Aries today connects with Mercury in Gemini under the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces. This is a lot of powerful energy, and because Jupiter is still lighting up your romance zone, it means that a lot of this could be hitting you where it matters most. Hopefully, you have already seen the new sense of abundance that is coming in affecting your romantic relationship.


However, if you have not, this moon maybe even more important. Often if we feel stuck or like no matter what we do, nothing changes, it means we must be willing to look at what we do not want to or have been resisting.

In this case, if there is a particular relationship you are trying to keep around on the edges of your life in the hopes that one day they become what you need or someone you still carry feelings for, it may be time to revisit if their presence in your life is true of benefit. You do not ever run towards conflict and hope to keep that sense of peace.

Still, you must also be aware if you are sacrificing your inner peace to keep things calm in your external life. It may be time to shake things up. You are being divinely protected by the universe. Still, you must also ensure that you are truly creating space for what it is you hope to manifest.

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