The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Saturday, May 28, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Saturday, May 28, 2022

It's going to be a beautiful day for three zodiac signs because May 28, 2022, comes full of celestial blessings this Saturday.

Venus, the planet of love, returns home to Taurus today, casting a warm ethereal glow on everything.

The planet of love and beauty has been making its way through the zodiac, most recently in Aries.

Under this energy, it was challenging for Venus to fully shine as Aries is the god of war.

It was a good placement for moving ahead and making things happen but difficult for sharing feelings or deepening a connection.

Now, as the planet of love returns home to Taurus, it is in its element-which means you will be too.

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Venus also favors finances, real estate, and even the affection and love you have for yourself.

This is a time when you will not just make it easier and be more loving towards others, but also your own self.

There is a double dose of this energy as the Moon makes its way through Taurus today, rooting your emotions in this down-to-earth zodiac sign.

Relationships that began during this period are both loving and stable, a harmonious blend of emotion and action.

Have you been called to pursue out of passion? This is also a beneficial time to initiate it as Mars unites Jupiter in Aries, giving you self-confidence and courage.

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Whether it is a relationship or a new path in life, it is time to focus on what you love.

The Zodiac Signs with the Best Horoscopes for Saturday, May 28, 2022

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

This is the start of something beautiful, Taurus! As Venus returns to your sign, a place that this planet calls home, it is time to start embracing what you do best which is love.

Underneath that stubbornness or inflexibility at times is a heart yearning to love others and be loved in return. You dream of making the world a more beautiful place and hope to extend kindness to those who cross your path. Sometimes life or heartbreaks get in the way of this.

Still, as Venus shines its light on you once again, it will become easier to be your true self, which helps you attract what feels more aligned with you. As Uranus is moving through your zodiac sign, you are at a turning point in your life where you are now rebuilding what will be stable and resonate with your soul.

Change, especially for you as an earth sign, can be disorientating.

This influence coming in today, though, will help you feel more focused and directed in knowing what you need.

Venus in Taurus will help you look for the positive and see things in a more hopeful light, which will help you be able to start moving forward and creating abundance and love in your own life. This is a beautiful new chapter that is beginning for you today.

With Venus and the Moon in your sign, you are connected to your heart and emotions, which means that today is a space to start living from your truth. This is the foundation of the new life you are creating.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Venus is moving into your romantic relationship sector for the next month, which means that this time will be filled with goodness and love. Taurus is a sign that often represents romance for you, but that also means it can represent healing and growth in this area too.

As you begin today with Venus and the Moon in this sensual earth sign, it is a time to reconnect with your deepest feelings and desires. Today is just the beginning.

But it is an energy you can use to make the most of, especially during the next few weeks when you can harness this Venusian energy. There is never a shortage of depth in your emotional connections, as it is something that you genuinely crave.

This is the basis of intimacy for you.

As part of your journey, the physical realizes that a lack of emotional intimacy cannot be made up for. Both must be tended to as distinct parts of the same garden.

Once you learn this, you begin to embody this energy, which means that you can transform how you participate in romantic connections.

Venus in Taurus will help bring the possibility of new love into your life and help change how you go about building intimacy with a new or existing partner. Believe that the hard lessons are over and that what is ahead is exactly the love you have always deserved.

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3. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

Mars is now in your sign which means that you are moving ahead with all sorts of projects and ideas you previously felt delayed in. Now that Jupiter is in your sign, though, that is being super-powered by the largest planet in the zodiac.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and for you, it is not just your sense of self and personal beliefs but also whatever you are pouring that energy into.

This is an auspicious time for you as things should start to improve in your life overall and start to feel like they are becoming more abundant and richer.

As Mars and Jupiter team up today in Aries, it is an exciting day for you.

Your confidence will be especially high, and you will feel motivated to achieve whatever you desire.

Use this to your full advantage, as you will be able to take this opportunity and start to change the things in your life that have felt like they were not in alignment.

Whether it is your career, living arrangements, or even relationship dynamics, now is the time to speak with authority and confidence in what you seek to change.

The stars are truly on your side and will be supporting you through this period. Still, today is a bright spot that, if fully seized, could put you exactly where you had wanted to be all along.

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